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Posted by 2017-08-16

It won't let me get it :(

Posted by Josephine Idemudia 2017-08-16

The game is good,the graphic is grate but the only you need to do is run with music and you cannot choice garnet or pearl or amethyst,go and a life guys!!

Posted by Nicholas Carreras 2017-08-14

It boring

Posted by Rico Suarez 2017-08-12

Can suck it up butter cup

Posted by boboi punk 2017-08-12

U know. I dunno. Raindrop droptop

Posted by Kap Babcock 2017-08-11

It's not a hard game like you said it would be.

Posted by Alan Pinto Vega 2017-08-11

muuuuuuuuuyyyyyy mal cn

Posted by Just Magma 2017-08-11

It crashed 7 times before I could play the first level.

Posted by Tom 2017-08-10

The most unresponsive controls I've ever seen. Couldn't get passed level 1, really scarce customization choices, sometimes the "Bad" sound didn't even play, I die for no reason. Really bad.

Posted by Ayse Serin 2017-08-10

Gayyyyyyyy y

Posted by Workout with Shashi 2017-08-06

Wouldn't at all open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Karye Evans 2017-08-04

Didn't work at all

Posted by DosRandom 8Guys 2017-08-03

I hate the show, so it's obvious this will be bad (while the show itself is of average quality, it's the fandom that makes it seem awful)

Posted by Starr Washington 2017-08-02

It doesn't even load

Posted by Leo Sammy 2017-07-31

I hate the game it never works. And the options for the gems there's only Ruby,Pearl, and Quartz, like dont ever get this game it is the WORST UHHH I JUST HATE ALL OF IT ALL HALE SATAN.SATAN IS COMING TONIGHT MAHAHAHA

Posted by 2017-07-31

I used to like it its broke fix it make a update

Posted by Kake Denn 2017-07-31

It keeps going slow and the right side doesn't work and the kindergarten keeps going fast

Posted by seme 2017-07-29

Bad songs and terrible character customization

Posted by Carmina Camello 2017-07-29

I hate this game it won't let me download at all

Posted by Byron Smith 2017-07-27

Lol it is an oc haven for steven universe XD

Posted by Groto DragonXXX 2017-07-24

I wanted to create a gem I didn't want it to be a girl I wanted it to be a boy please a boy features like smoky quartz or steven

Posted by Denise Cervantes 2017-07-22

It wont let me into the game its just shows a picture of steven smiling i waited for an hour or so and nothing came on

Posted by Solar NJH 2017-07-20


Posted by Sethu Mkhwanazi 2017-07-20

It just shows Steven and that's it I even waited for 2 hours and nothing

Posted by Daniel101 2017-07-19

It didn't load

Posted by Mckayla Mannor 2017-07-14

This app is not good and to get it made me delete all my apps

Posted by Omar Rivera 2017-07-09

Hate it

Posted by Moonlight the Shiny Umbreon 2017-07-07

Is it not available in Greece? It really should be, if it is, then it's just broken for me.

Posted by scarlet Morrison 2017-07-06

Every time I clicked on the app it would send me back to the home screen. please don't download #

Posted by sael arellano 2017-07-06

Too much freaking lag

Posted by TheNitemare 777 2017-07-05

I don't hate it it just doesn't load the game

Posted by 2017-07-05

Stupid! It does everything by its self

Posted by White Tail The Cat 2017-07-04

I love it!!really!!!But plz can you make an update so we can do 2 different gems and make them fuse whenever you want??please!!I am begging!!plz!!thx Edit:After 2 days it didn't open!why???

Posted by Lily Hoffmaster 2017-07-03

Hated it

Posted by 2017-07-02

It is hoop

Posted by Izzy The Wild Friend 2017-07-02

The game won't work??? It just shows Steven's grinning face, which is almost antagonizing. I've waited long times, short times, with good wifi, bad wifi and no wifi. It just won't work, and it makes me upset because I love this show. :(

Posted by Winz Luu 2017-07-01


Posted by Wilmar Hareti 2017-06-29

Its great and all but its just the lagging the ruind it.

Posted by Tony ThaGreat 2017-06-29

BOOOOOO this game sucks it takes so pong to load and I didn't even get a chance to play

Posted by Marietjie Viljoen 2017-06-29

Kontrol the kontrols ar defikalt ang lage if you ar reding dis den stop loding dhe game it sons cool but it isent!!! By the wy im leving dis mecidch to tel you do not wys your mobil dita or wf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mugdha Bansal 2017-06-29

Very Bad game

Posted by 2017-06-28

Posted by Bony Adnan 2017-06-28


Posted by amanda fike 2017-06-27

Hated it

Posted by Sara Ginorio 2017-06-26

I`ve tried everything to make this junk ork but nothing!!! It just shows a picture of steven and... that`s it!! Jesus I can`t believe cartoon network can`t make a game that WORKS anymore!!!

Posted by bdenis01 2017-06-25

I hate the game worset game and it doesn't even work!

Posted by Theodore Santos 2017-06-23


Posted by holly hall 2017-06-23

I could not even play I kept freezing on the screen with Steven on it I could not play it so I write it horrible

Posted by sonic knight 2017-06-22

I hate is so much i crack my phone

Posted by Matthew Lim 2017-06-21

Lag the lag is horrible

Posted by blue trees tv and stuff 2017-06-21

When I open it it's just a picture of Steven

Posted by Oscar Serrano 2017-06-20


Posted by 2017-06-20

I hate it all

Posted by Julian Tuggle 2017-06-20

Killed my phone couldn't play it

Posted by Devin Gregory 2017-06-18

The game lags very much, and not to mention it gets worse as the game progress. It seems like you all have made this game quickly and didn't care about the quality of it. Please fix the ever lasting lag of this game. I love the concept, but it's just not working at a good pace it should be in a like this.

Posted by Tylar Bentley 2017-06-16

When I tried to play it it crashed my phone and it took forever to get back on

Posted by binod lalu 2017-06-16


Posted by 2017-06-16

It's glitchy.

Posted by TayBaby28 Adams 2017-06-16

It is fabulous

Posted by Sean St. George 2017-06-13

Posted by Del phox 2017-06-12

Stupid I cant play the game

Posted by 2017-06-11

I have no idea wat this game is like because it wouldn't let me in!!

Posted by 2017-06-10

It doesn't work with my|phone my88 dtv :(

Posted by Richard Traviz Celones ThisIsMyChannel 2017-06-10

200 mb seriously

Posted by 2017-06-09


Posted by 2017-06-09

i hate this game

Posted by Brandon Scott 2017-06-07

upgrade it

Posted by 2017-06-06


Posted by 2017-06-05

Well no one is fixing the problem I had in my older review so I installed it to check and it still freezes and forces me out of the app every five seconds. I can't customize, or even play levels. Uninstalling again. You guys aren't fixing the problems.

Posted by Angelo Gabriel 2017-06-02


Posted by Aj Gallegos 2017-05-31

I never got to play it. Every time I wanted to go into a lever it kicked me completely out to my home page.

Posted by Michael McGee 2017-05-29

Wouldn't even open.

Posted by FuzzyBee TV 2017-05-29

This is the worst quality I have ever seen in my life I hate the quality it's so laggy

Posted by Nicko Roger 2017-05-29

its not working i hated it very much

Posted by Elsa Qerimi 2017-05-27

I hated it

Posted by 2017-05-27

When you reach a part of the game it starts over it self

Posted by Ninjago hands of time 2017-05-25

It doesn't let me play

Posted by Frisk Tube Hd 2017-05-24

It wont Work all i see is steven jumping and it stays like that

Posted by Raka Wajdi 2017-05-23

It dont loading at all

Posted by Abril Magpayo 2017-05-22

Worst Game Ever I can't even make my own Pearl it just lag!

Posted by Jordan Noble 2017-05-21

I like steven universe and all but its not loading

Posted by Lyca Fullente 2017-05-20

Why it doesnt load on my Asus.

Posted by Space Verse 2017-05-19

i played this game before, and it was awesome. i decided i could play it on another device, and once i pressed the app, it wouldn't even load.

Posted by BLUEBERRY/SWAP SANS 2017-05-19


Posted by Tom Skeens 2017-05-17

This game takes my date fast I hat it

Posted by Kat Garnet 2017-05-15

I would give this game a five star rating but my game always gets stuck on Steven running nothing else, other than that it looks like a good game.

Posted by Steve Childerley 2017-05-14

Terrible. Would not play again. If somone played this they might not like the show :(

Posted by bip bop 2017-05-14

It was so underwhelming that I'm mad at it. It's really unentertaining.

Posted by Joseph Greninger 2017-05-13

I wish I could play this game but it takes for ever so I can,t play it

Posted by Agent Pluto 2017-05-11

I hate rhythm

Posted by Mariana Cervantes 2017-05-07

No male.

Posted by Lelia Reed 2017-05-07

Hi I'm Logan I'm 11 this game won't play on my table

Posted by alecia McConnell 2017-05-06

Its boring it loads take 4 ever

Posted by J3 Kid 2017-05-04

this game always hung up on my phone

Posted by MysticGamer1505 2017-05-01

I didn't like it at all because whenever I clicked on it to open it, it never opened because it would stay in the opening screen

Posted by Candy 2017-04-30

The game didn't load up , I waited for an hour and all it showed was Steven

Posted by jackson storm 2017-04-29

It wont work when i get on all i see is pitch black

Posted by Michael Mouse 2017-04-27

Very slow and laggy.

Posted by Kristian Anderson 2017-04-25

This game is the worst of them all horrible how do you play

Posted by Rex 2017-04-23

When i opened it it doesn't work. It keeps loading.

Posted by McVernon Manera 2017-04-22

To so fast

Posted by 2017-04-21


Posted by Big Brother Super Fan 2017-04-19

ONE HUGE PROBLEM!! The game does not load it's just the same Steven smiling

Posted by Skiler Stoddard 2017-04-19

Dont play I'm woring it does not work

Posted by Valente Espinosa 2017-04-17

Cartoon Network is censoring everything to us kids!!!!

Posted by Ja'Ryan James 2017-04-16


Posted by Rahul Swami 2017-04-16

So bad game of the world.

Posted by Zoomergal 2017-04-15

Won't get past loading screen. Fix now.

Posted by Nana Shokora 2017-04-15

I hate this game When i finish my characters it stuck at game level

Posted by Matt N 2017-04-12

I couldn't even get it to load

Posted by onannra Arethusa 2017-04-12

I' can't in to the game

Posted by 2017-04-10

Not only is it laggy but it prevents getting the oh so perfect score you need because if you dont get it, you can not finish the game. Not even 99% is good enough. Thatd be fine but its sooooo fast and you cant adjust the settings to easy or atleast normal mode. Im 20! A kid is going to okay this? How??? Its just too hard. Sidenote: each level has 7 stages. Only 2 of them each level have songs from the show. Otherwise, lame techno. And the songs that are from the show are remixed horribly! Hate this game...

Posted by Hope Obolanle 2017-04-09

Horrible. Steven I'm not sure what to do

Posted by Vicky V 2017-04-09

It keeps on freezing on the same number as it loads all my other games don't do that.

Posted by Gopal Varshney 2017-04-07

Does not work work

Posted by Duvonté Douglas 2017-04-05

Dare u not to get this game its least my favourite once u on ur second part that's when ur hatred will appeared who ever likes this sorry to say but u guys are weird

Posted by Zidane Ali 2017-03-31


Posted by Destiny Kat 2017-03-31

The game wont load past a picture of steven. :(

Posted by Bongi maile 2017-03-31

It's not opening!

Posted by 2017-03-31

I can't even get on it and all I get is an picture of Steven and nothing else

Posted by janet rufano 2017-03-27

it's loading very long

Posted by -_--_- 2017-03-27

Has extremely slow loading, crashes often, and is very laggy.

Posted by undertale and mcsm lover07 2017-03-26

I hate I hate it

Posted by artos del Rio 2017-03-26

It us SO slow. And ALWAYS crashes no offense but i hate it so much i kinda think ut needs improvement. It would have been better if it does not crash a lot

Posted by Aubyn Killingbeck 2017-03-25

Dumb to touch the stars

Posted by Devashis Stradhar 2017-03-25

Attack on Soundtrack The worst to ever find. The gameplay S.U.C.K.S

Posted by Zailani Hazizan 2017-03-24

I open the game and steven image appeared and it does not do anything . Help

Posted by Tиooki 2017-03-23

The game wont even load. ;-;

Posted by Renel Ganancial 2017-03-23

I hate it I can't even play

Posted by Kayleigh Koen 2017-03-23

It keeps shuting off. Don't get me wrong I am a big fan but not this game

Posted by Zander Polk 2017-03-19

Would not even start

Posted by Draw Freak 2017-03-19

My phone is an HTC one but it doesn't seem to work

Posted by Adeel Khan 2017-03-18

I loved this game ever since I downloaded it yaaayy....

Posted by 2017-03-17

dont waste ur time playing this nonsense worse gqme ever

Posted by RosemariePearl YT 2017-03-17

It keep crashing i waiyed for hoirs for nothing wow

Posted by Gretchen Myers 2017-03-16

It needs work because every time I try to do the first level it will literary kick me off and after a while it will kick me off

Posted by NO ID IF UF 2017-03-14

I hate the game

Posted by Menux ! 2017-03-14

The game crashes. I can't even play the actual game without it crashing

Posted by INFIRNO DRAGON 2017-03-12

Does not work

Posted by Akshara Arunkumar 2017-03-11

It just shows Steven. Fix and I will give 5 stars. I am using a Samsung tab and I think it glitches on Samsung products.

Posted by Bonno Zefanias 2017-03-10

Its not downloading

Posted by Samantha Cadengo 2017-03-08

I've installed it 3 times and it never gets past the loading screen

Posted by Keyivion Boone 2017-03-08

Hated it

Posted by Mikaya Crump 2017-03-06

Won't load

Posted by Hero Zehc 2017-03-05

Why can't i play it? It just stuck on the picture it won't load. Please let me play.

Posted by This Random Person 2017-03-04

It was crap and cringey.

Posted by nugraha saputra 2017-03-04

Worst game ever

Posted by Carlos McKay 2017-03-03


Posted by Larissa Turner 2017-03-03

Its bad the noises are deffening

Posted by 2017-03-02

I'm mad because it won't let me play

Posted by Shaquan Mchardy 2017-03-01

Fall to load

Posted by Reyes Tan 2017-02-28

I did what the tutorial said to do but it keeps saying bad it is horrible

Posted by antisepticeye 2017-02-28

Waste of my time it never load's

Posted by Jose Hadiwitanto 2017-02-28

Freeze in first picture of steven universe and cant play it all

Posted by 2017-02-26

I love it crashes Steven universe is my favourite cartoon cartoon network and please fix crashes in the next update then I will give 5 stars ★★★★★

Posted by 2017-02-22

Way to stressful and out of tune also loading takes forever and freezes in middle of game which makes me lose!

Posted by galexy the one 2017-02-18

IT DID NOT even OPEN SCREW this game!!!

Posted by androide box alltra 2017-02-18


Posted by Michael Wilson 2017-02-17

Freak you steven

Posted by Zak Willard 2017-02-17

Is it just supposed to be a loading screen with Steven on it? I can't play it because that is all it is. Can someone help me with this? Then it might be fun

Posted by Super Mango 2017-02-17

I keeps on turning off and skips parts of the games. Please sort this out; I really want to play a level of a game based one of my favourite TV shows

Posted by Abdulla Shareef 2017-02-17

Please can i play? Others could but i couldn't my friend also has a asus tablet he can play! Why why why! Why me? I can't play minecraft,Angela,or this,toca boca,atack the light , clash of canes, township , garden scapes or fishdom even more just they don't even open i am sick of games i had been tying when i was 9 now i am 11, I am sick of you guys!

Posted by Jerald Collins 2017-02-16

It doesn't even start

Posted by Vanessa. Lute7 2017-02-16

Bad game

Posted by Oliver James 2017-02-15

Way too steep of a learning curve, got really hard for no reason at the giant woman temple. Graphics were dissapointing, story wasn't worth the awful gameplay. Really long loading times, terrible lag with graphics. The game feels unfair, ill make the exact amount of taps and it will say I tapped afterwards.

Posted by KILLING SPREE 2017-02-15

It wouldnt load

Posted by That One Dude Kai 2017-02-11

Crashes Everytime I try to do anything, has texture glitches and stupidly slow load times.

Posted by Amelia Jimenez 2017-02-11

There's too much going on at background and it lags the frame rate and the response of the controls, also; almost 99% of the songs are remixes (even the ones of the show #NotFun). Whenever there are more than 3 notes at the same time on the game for you to hit, it does not register it (even if you hit every note), and it counts it as a mistake and blocks the following note (#Why?). I do love the show and i hoped for this game to be good. But it needs some real improvement.

Posted by 2017-02-11

I dont like how the game glitches

Posted by Marko Bojanic 2017-02-11

It restarded the download

Posted by Issac Soto 2017-02-10

It don't work fix it Now

Posted by Isabel Sofia Torres Ortiz 2017-02-09

Nome instala jijuepu

Posted by Drastic 2017-02-08

The customization of the character is horrible

Posted by Lydia Pereira 2017-02-04

It won't even load. I want to buy the Attack the Light game, but the fact that this one won't even load makes me worried that I'll just be wasting my money and that won't load either.

WhyPosted by Rosie the skeleton 2017-02-03

Its laggy and when I play I can only play the gem creator.I hate it.WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.pls reply back how to fix this. I will give it 5 stars

Posted by 2017-02-03

It didn't Evan load

Posted by Gamer Sebastien HD 2017-02-03

It's terrible can't even play it I downloaded yiv4 times but doesn't work not worth getting

Posted by umar Jalloh 2017-02-02

The best game ever I loved

Posted by 2017-02-02

It took forever to download.

Posted by Marissa Pennock 2017-01-31

It won't even work on my phone :( I didn't even get a chance to play

Posted by Janice Nichols 2017-01-30

Dumb and teribal

Posted by Christopher Smith 2017-01-28

I can't even get past the loading screen

Posted by Aiden 2006 2017-01-27

Takes to long to load

Posted by DrunkHorse INN 2017-01-25

Can't get passed the "Loading Screen".

Posted by UG HH 2017-01-25

Doesn't load

Posted by SonOfLucifer 2017-01-25

I am stuck at the loading screen where is just steven standing there pls help meeeee

Posted by Oscar Beltran 2017-01-24

It doesn't work

Posted by Rachel Simpson 2017-01-21

It's OK but it won't let me jump so it won't let me pass lvl 1 it's so annoying

Posted by the maximo gamer 2017-01-21

Its a one poop of game

Posted by Jamih Custodio 2017-01-21

Cant even play it Its free... that's something...

Posted by Candida Rivera 2017-01-19

It will never let no one in the game and I think its just a harshly made game!!!!!!

Posted by Erick Martinez 2017-01-19

It didn't work on my tablet and was stuck on the same screen

Posted by XZapX /Zane224 2017-01-18

I it sucks really badly

Posted by HAPPY Smile 2017-01-17

Can't play it .. It always show me a picture of Steven and I download this 2x and it not starting I wish I can play it after I download this 3x

Worst game I've ever playedPosted by Julian King 2017-01-16

First level I died straight away

I hate itPosted by Deanndra Dandridge 2017-01-15

It will not allow me to play.

Music is nothing like the showPosted by Alan Slasor 2017-01-14

The music on this game is horrible. They destroyed the beautiful music that the show had to offer and remixed it all into some lame... whatever they want to call it. If there was an update that actually changed the music into original music from the show without some ugly beat in the background cutting off the original music.

Decepcionante.Posted by Omg iMarzated 2017-01-14

Una absurda mezcla de sonidos abstractos, aunados a una programacion nefasta y sobre todo, un pesimo remix de las mejores canciones de esta gran serie. Dan como resultado este juego por parte de Purple Three (Creo que ESE es el nombre de la desarrolladora), que ademas de todo, incluye anuncios. Sin una trama concreta ni un sentido de historia en este juego, le doy una estrella por el esfuerzo que debieron poner en esta reciente entrega de Turner.

It crashes alotPosted by David Mosier 2017-01-14

Its slow and crashes more than a fighter pilot from Iran, so I never got to play it :(

BarbiePosted by Pardeep Singla 2017-01-11

Doll house

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Soundtrack Attack is a rhythm runner set to the music of Steven Universe!

Let’s do this! Tap, hold, and swipe along to the music to unleash awesome attacks and outrun the Homeworld gems in Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe.

Choose a Quartz, Ruby, or Pearl and make them your own. Customize your gem with hair, outfits, accessories, and weapons! Unlock even more options as you play.

Soundtrack Attack features the music from the Steven Universe soundtrack, including remixes of “We Are the Crystal Gems,” “Stronger Than You,” “Steven and the Stevens,” “Giant Woman,” and many more!

Believe in Steven with Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe!


This game is available in the following languages: English

If you're having any problems with this app, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Tell us about the issues you're running into as well as what device and OS version you're using.


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