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Posted by Bella Boo the randome queen 2017-08-14

I mean its boriiinnggg but i mean if you changed like the basisnof the game yo someth8ngb were u go on advetured not just running to the beat that vwould be nice and there are no topaz aquamirines lapis peridots saphires cardelions or rose quartz or the choise to be a fusion or a padparadsha or anything good and we just have nothing here!

Posted by gaming ryan 2017-08-10

Add more gems it horrible without more better gems

Posted by reaper sans 2017-08-08

I couldn't get in the game it froze every time I clicked on the game and the screen and the screen was Steven in front of a blue screen

Posted by GalaxyRoseQuartz 2017-08-06

I definitely have enjoyed this game a bit but there are definitely things that need to be fixed. The first problem I found was with the cosmetics. It's kind of annoying that the only way you can change your gem type is to uninstall and reinstall the app and the fact that you can only put one accessory on your gem at a time is dissapointing. The next problem I found was with the game play. While I was playing the frame rate would drop sometimes making me miss notes which then makes the next note unavailable (the songs also don't sound that good and a lot of the time it's not easy to predict the pattern of the upcoming notes). A positive thing I did find though is the in game currency. It's not too easy or too hard to get crystals and the things in the shop are priced very well. Overall I think this game can be very enjoyable if some tweaks were made to the game.

Posted by OVER medicated 2017-08-06

The problem I have with this game is that it is so buggy it is unplayable. I cant go to two different screens (ex the shop, then character editor) without the entire thing crashing. Whenever I start a level the entire thing goes gray for 5 minutes while static starts appearing on screen. Uninstalling

Posted by noodaleigh 2017-07-31

All the game is doing is staying in one screen showing Steven

Posted by Sean Moore 2017-07-29

OMG plsss work on the note Placement u get punished too hard for getting one note wrong not many people can do a purple note into a long note (blue) perfectly and also sometimes I get wrong notes for doing the right thing on the last note I am sooo TRIGGERED

Posted by Sienna Morgan 2017-07-28

I Can't even play the game.

Posted by 2017-07-20

مش حلو هلب لكن ها د الحاقا

Posted by Isabella Machado 2017-07-17

Every time I tried to open the game, it displayed a pop up message saying that the game stop, and couldn't be open. I downloaded it several times, but it didn't work

Posted by kadarian jackson 2017-07-08

it was so glitchy

Posted by Hala Salim 2017-07-02

Very big size for something that doesn't deserve it.....too lagy...hated it all

Posted by Vichith Heng 2017-06-27

EXTREMLY laggy, slow, and the loading screen is unbearable. I love Steven Universe, but this game is ridiculously slow.

Posted by Amber Rose 2017-06-26

The worst part of this is the music. 2/7 songs are (poor) remixes of songs from the show. The rest of the songs are Pretty bland. They sound like they were plugged into a random music generator. I guess that's one way to make your rhythm game less predictable.

Posted by 2017-06-26

The game is way to hard

Posted by gamer sassie03 2017-06-23

It was ok... But the graphics of the character looking left and right all the time was creepy... The game was laggy and it always went out of the game when I try to look at the store. Srry but needs some improvements.

Posted by J Lee 2017-06-11

Don't patronize kids; they can dance to a beat. Give them better music and more patterns.

Posted by KingEvan 2017-06-10

Its nice ... but the problem is i cant open.... i can only see steven and the background help plz... i dont want to uninstall this and restart the whole game..

Posted by Paragon Mir 2017-06-09

The rhythm based controls are often off rhythm and the songs paird with them have rather difficult to follow rhythms anyway, the controls often switch between following the beat and following the melody within the same level and altogether just makes it near impossible to play, uninstalled.

Posted by 2017-06-06

It dosent install

Posted by Mico Lingon 2017-05-30

Why does the loading screen of steven is so long to take to play

Posted by Allegra Tovar 2017-05-28

It's a great game and idea. I just wish that the visuals weren't so delayed that I can't finish a level because of how laggy the movement is.

Posted by Daniëlle Christel 2017-05-27

It does not work at all. I only see a steven universe picture. Nothing loads

Posted by Nyamses Neko 2017-05-26

I just downloaded it on my new phone (xiaomi redmi note 4x) and for some reason it does not load. I can only see Steven. No download bar no buffering sign nothing no matter how much I wait

Posted by CatBomb ! 2017-05-24

It was really buggy. It would sometimes load but then load to the screen I was just on. Also it doesn't give a song title.

Posted by Andy Gortva 2017-05-23

I'm very

Posted by Abigail Pluth 2017-05-19

I was really excited when I heard about this game. When I installed it, though, the game let me make my gem and customise it, but upon selecting the first level, the game crashed. I tried two more times, but it crashed every time. I'll probably uninstall the app, but check back every so often for updates until this is fixed.

Posted by A Dale 2017-05-16

Want to see your favourite characters run away from their problems for 42 levels? Want to play a poor man's rhythm game? Want to sit through lots of ads? Hooray, you are a mythical beast. Attack the light this is not.

Posted by Ber Ber 2017-05-13

I have a bug when I play the game It needs to load and when it loading it waits for a long time like a hour ..

Posted by Mary Yrish 2017-05-10

It is ok because I was dying I was dying all times !?

Posted by KB 2059 2017-05-05

I really don't like that you can only be girls I'm a boy would of it want to be a boy put somebody like Steven for boys please

Posted by 2017-05-02

I keep on reading such good reviews and when I finally play it, its just stuck with Steven on screen for a long time. I thought it was just my device, but lol no. It looked like it wasn't even loading. I reinstalled this app many times and there's no improvement. Please fix this

Posted by The Grand Preist 2017-04-28

Really good game but it's almost impossible to play in the higher levels with the speed of it and the controls not responding a tiny bit also power ups don't help at all and u can't even see the character use his weapon due to looking at the stupid music OVERALL NEEDS IMPROVEMENT BADLY

Posted by Jen H. 2017-04-26

It was buggy, had slow loading, and was much too difficult to get the hang of

Posted by Amber Freeman 2017-04-20

I downloaded it and it just loads up with the Steven logo and stays there I have a HTC One M8

Posted by Jose Arevalo 2017-04-20

This game is horrable

Posted by Ryan Pocock 2017-04-12

The problem is simple. It's a rhythm game, that lags because there's too much focus on a moving 3D background. There's nothing for your eyes to focus on if everything is happening all over the screen. The 1-2-3 star meter brings your eye towards it more than the notes do! The screen is too busy for a rhythm game and lags when the songs get intense..

Posted by jakyezda 2017-04-12

... The game is so bad for me T-T . Each time I try to go onto the app it always says "Steven universe soundtrack attack has closed" wich makes me really angry T-T

Posted by SSGSS4 Gogeta 2017-04-09

I like it but why do i have to be a girl though.

Posted by Rebecca DS 2017-03-09

Well it never loades. It's sad

Posted by 2017-03-05

Super disappointing, especially considering how good Attack the Light was. Not challenging, becomes very monotonous after like 2 levels. I love the idea of a rhythm game and the graphics were really well done, but the game just fell flat. Not enough to keep it interesting.

Posted by Little J 2017-03-01

I couldn't even play it. It crashed repeatedly, often enough that I couldn't make a character.

Posted by Kaitlyn Becker 2017-02-28

Cool that you can make a gemsona but gameplay is glitchy and not the best. Needs improvement

Posted by Ethan's crib 2017-02-25

It loads to much

Posted by Haruka Yamamoto 2017-02-19

It won't even load please fix it! I want to PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Angela Baltazar 2017-02-17

I love su but when I play this game it goes back to my home screen and then when I open the app again I'll need to erase the unfinished gem and make another one and then it goes back to my home screen and then I end up finishing nothing.

Posted by Grawlix 2017-02-13

Its so laggy fix that first

Posted by Melody Elbel 2017-02-10

Black boxes everywhere made my phone glitch I hate it I mean it's cool and all but it didn't let me play at all plz fix this

Posted by Chicken Alfredo 2017-02-09

Fun, but extremely slow. Freezes my phone when it loads to 100%.

Posted by chantal calixte 2017-02-08

I think cartoon network needs to stop pay apps also

Posted by Demon Cat 2017-02-04

I like the graphics, but after a few steps the game slows down and I can't play.

Posted by THE DACTATOR 2017-02-03

I love this game, but THE LAG! WHAT IS IT WITH THE LAG? I'll be playing on kindergarten level 2 (my fav) and I'm just fine UNTIL LOADS OF NOTES COME IN AND THE LAG STARTS UP! I use a continue, and the lag is SO BAD, I INSTANTLY DIE AGAIN! Can someone tell me where the graphics settings are because I haven't found any! And if there is none, than I beg you, please fix this!

Posted by Christopher Aditya 2017-01-24

Can't run after the first screen, if you fix this I'll give 5 stars probably.

Posted by Kyle Lee 2017-01-21

Can't download it

Posted by DANK MEMES PEPE 2017-01-19

No guy gems. You need to fix that

Steven Embarrassed mePosted by Edgar Leal 2017-01-14

This is just boring, and it is a little Insult to the show. Just don't play this and play Attack of the Light Instead.

It's G litchy on my phonePosted by Aragon Buckle 2017-01-14

Everything happens and when you are suppose to customize them. It reaches 100% and then just says gem colour in the to right corner.

Cant even open itPosted by Salvador Lozano 2017-01-13

What is going on?!?!?!? I cant even open da game!!!

Posted by Sr. medianoche 2017-01-10

Es Muy Lento

AnnoyedPosted by Cherize Kilian 2017-01-08

The game keeps throwing me out. Could someone plz help with that?

Posted by BluePhoenix XV 2017-01-07

Just remembered why I stopped playing this

It kinda sucksPosted by Maddie Bonifant 2017-01-06

For me anyway, I don't know if lag is constant on all platforms but on android it's bad. Lag isn't exactly good for a rhythm game lmao. It's a giant leap down from attack the light in my opinion but not all games are winners. It could handle about 4 notes on screen until it just kinda stopped for a sec. I can also complain about how the notes were clearly not made for each song they just got the tempo and winged it?

Steven universe sad :(Posted by Danny Reynolds Martin smith Joseph Dun 2017-01-06

El juego no sirve ayuda

Posted by Mr. Somali 2017-01-04


Posted by Urushiba Rinka 2016-12-31

Little funny but creating stone character is worse, low choose speacial

ReallyPosted by awsomeagentcage blade 2016-12-31

I cant even skip the introduction its so aggravating and to top it all off i cant even start the game UGH!!!!!!

Too hard!!!!!Posted by 2016-12-28

I was so close to finishing my level and then I died

Posted by Azin Mokhtari 2016-12-26


Posted by minecraftnerd 5000 2016-12-26

I only gave this app two stars because the pictures on the under the Installing screen look ugly I'm installing the game now Mabye that will turn things around

ErrorsPosted by Lexie Nascimento 2016-12-24

I try loading it,but it didn't work

StevenPosted by 2016-12-18


Im sorryPosted by nyiko roberts 2016-12-17

But this game doesnt even load for me it says 50 % every time I try to play a level

Distracting backgroundPosted by Diogo Nunes 2016-12-15

Too much happening at the same time. Timing game.

Buggy AFPosted by Liam Hansen 2016-12-14

I can't play the first level without the game crashing. I've tried over and over yet it dosent work. It's a good concept,but it needs to be actually playable.

I was so excited...Posted by Talia Romig 2016-12-13

But it's not all that great. It's hard to hit the notes. Atleast for me.

Posted by Margaret Dawson 2016-12-12

It is just sow bad I barft

Please fix this game Posted by Kirana Putu 2016-12-02

I can't create the gem⁉

LagPosted by Tess La PLante 2016-12-02

The game is fun but after only a couple minutes, it lags like there's no tomorrow. Rythm games should not lag. You can't keep the Rythm if the game slows down, y'know.

Posted by gary schoenberg 2016-11-30

On myiPad there was no music

It looks funPosted by ItsCarlos OV 2016-11-26

This is a fun game to play never played it before but i hope i have fun with it.

Posted by AJ Mercado 2016-11-25

It has so many bugs

the game stuckPosted by Norjie Roma 2016-11-24

when i launched the game it's stuck on the picture of steven and won't work please fix it i had the feeling that this game is Awesome

Posted by Matthew Stricker 2016-11-23

Worst game ever has alot of glitches

Posted by Ethan Parnell 2016-11-20

Lags to much to be played, music doesn't even go with the beat on 50% of them, repetitive, I like SU and this is a disgrace to it

Sound AttackPosted by Wandile Owen 2016-11-18

A woman standing behind the wheel with stars

Posted by Anthony Small 2016-11-18

I have an Moto g4 running android marshmallow, and it lags a lot. It sometimes gets as low as 13 fps. It does look fun, but lag makes it hard to play.

LoadingPosted by Geckolord226 2016-11-12

The loading times are waaayy tooooo looong

Posted by 2016-11-10

Uhhhh good for Steven universe people

BadPosted by Mikhail Sandler 2016-11-07

It keeps saying bad when I'm not missing it

The bestPosted by Youssef Hasanin 2016-11-02

If you are looking for a great game this it is

It won't let me get to the gamePosted by frozen animations 2016-11-02

It just shows Steven and that's it pls fix I really want to play the game FIX IT PLS I REALLY REALLY WANT TO

Not FastPosted by Stalab The Dadder 2016-11-02

This App Is Soooo Slow

Cool but...Posted by 2016-11-02

It keeps crashing pls fix

It does not work on BQ Aquaris E5 4GPosted by Manuel TM 2016-10-28

I cannot play it on my smartphone because it doesn't pass through the initial Steven's screen.

PoorPosted by Pinkus Dean 2016-10-27

Its quite laggy and the graphics quality is poor (possibly my phone??) Game also crashes every time you try to watch an add. Every time I try to select something I have to press multiple times before anything actually happens. It looks like a wonderful game but these things are to big to ignore

So slowPosted by Sir Butterscotch 2016-10-27

It's incredibly laggy, which is incredibly poor for a rythm game and the image quality is garbage. The character customisation is barely there and the loading times take too long for a game that looks this poor.

Posted by Keila Moguel 2016-10-26

To much lag it's so hard to play the game

so glitchy !Posted by eggy sama 2016-10-26

I can't even create my gem because every time I try, the game freezes.

good idea but. .Posted by Remco Baart 2016-10-24

took me ages to get this game started, and once i started the game lagged a lot

SharjeelPosted by Sharjeel Sani 2016-10-24


Slow and AwkwardPosted by Brandon Gray 2016-10-24

This game is very slow and it could have featured more songs besides vocal songs and remixes. This customisation is very limited and there should be more Gem types.

Posted by 2016-10-22

It take a lot

It neated to much wi fiPosted by 2016-10-22

I wish it didn't

Posted by Cassandra Crawley 2016-10-19

Its keeps crashing when I try entering the level

Posted by game max 2016-10-18


SO HARD!!Posted by BaconUniverse 2016-10-15

I have to try a least two times for one level

BrokenPosted by Sorry in Advamce In Advance 2016-10-14

Game does not work on my phone, I am using Samsung Galaxy. If you fix the game, I will be very grateful because I have been waiting for this game for AGES!!!!

To fastPosted by Charnetta Woods 2016-10-12

The last mission is waaaaay to fast!!!!!!!!!

OhPosted by Rafiq Abu Hamdan 2016-10-12

Oh so I could just sit there and watch him run alone...ok

MediocrePosted by Elleliel Elendiir 2016-10-09

Only about 1-2 songs per world are actual songs from the show, the rest are background music much of which is unique to this app. The songs they DO use ate truncated and modified for quick rhythm game play. It also leaves a lot to be desired in regards to the rhythm aspect; the game stutters and skips even on a nice phone and solid connection. Customization options are woeful unless you want to grind levels or watch the same exact 30 second advert over and over. Fell short when advertised for the songs.

Won't let me playPosted by Jewel Wonderland 2016-10-08

I've tried on different devices but this game turns itself off after a minute. I would Give it a better rating if I could actually play.

Posted by Connie Seriosa 2016-10-07

It log out when i play

Posted by Elizabeth Ojales 2016-09-30

I think it's the tootie fruty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only girlsPosted by Isabella LPS 2016-09-30

Why can you only make girls as an avatar, you know boys play this too right? And a lot of lag keeping me from getting three stars on some levels. If you guys please fix these problems I'll give 5 stars but for now I don't really like it

Great GamePosted by Orion the Hunter 2016-09-27

I love the app, but I am constantly experiencing lag. Please add an ultra low-res setting for those poor souls with phones like mine.

Posted by Alisha Hasan 2016-09-26

Slow the game down a little u arghhhhhh

IdkPosted by 2016-09-25

I like the music but it was kinda challenging for both me and my little sister. Neither of us got pass level three and she is way better at games than I am.

Posted by The Haven 2016-09-24

how does this take up more space than War Robots?!

MehPosted by Karen 2016-09-24

Its not horrible, but its just bad remixes and its really easy. It also tends to freeze randomly or not properly open

CustomizationPosted by Andrew Bercovitz 2016-09-24

Just by the customization, it was easy to tell it was made by Cartoon Network, not Rebecca Sugar.

Posted by perks skrt 2016-09-23

It cool

This is jacked upPosted by Erika White 2016-09-23

It keeps freezing

Posted by ariana blevins 2016-09-21

Cute and fun... for a second but as soon as you complete all the levels theres nothing to do. And no real ending, unless i somehow missed it... underwhelming

Lags to the point of unplayablePosted by Elizabeth Schwartz 2016-09-20

The game lagged so much many parts were unplayable and I spent more time in loading screens than I did in the game. The animation was poor as well but that didn't make the game bad, just a little clunky looking.

MehPosted by Chumblespuzz 2016-09-17

I honestly don't know what to think of this game (I'd give it two and a half if i could). It's kinda fun, and the graphics are great! But... the gameplay? The dots you have to tap on beat are moving too fast and are in a curve so it's SUPER hard to see which side goes first. The remixes are dull and the rest of the music seems uninspired and boring. And you don't even play as the Crystal Gems! If you're a MEGA fan of Steven Universe, give it a shot! You might like it. If not? Still give it a shot!

Posted by Haley L 2016-09-15

I wish I liked this. I love music games and SU bit this was just boring. Remixes are terrible too.


Doesn't work for me

It looks really cool bit I can't playPosted by KingVincraft 2016-09-12

The game won't go past the loading screen!

This is a good gamePosted by Thomas Collins 2016-09-09

But it wont open

It was shortPosted by Kristin Miller 2016-09-09

My phone is slow so it made playing really hard and it took no time at all to beat. Character customization sucks too, it's so limited

Posted by Grayson Richards 2016-09-08

Why does it need network

I cant downloadPosted by Janxian RB 2016-09-08

Idk with you creator but

LaggyPosted by *GASP* 2016-09-05

Pls stop the lagg

It kept freezing.Posted by Cobalt Luminant 2016-09-04

I felt this game hard to enjoy, because of the consistent freezing and lagging.

Posted by 2016-09-03

The problem I have is not that it freezes or lags but that it crashes every time I try to load the first level so I never actually get to play the stinking game if anyone has tips to help I'm all ears and I was so excited to get the game too it just really disappointed me

Needs a peridot gemPosted by Ace Jones 2016-09-03

All I need is peridot then it will become 5 stars and yes peridot is worth 3 full stars

More effort pleasePosted by y u do this 2016-09-02

I was hoping to hear more songs from the show but all that is heard are crappy remixes of what songs that did appear or songs that were hard to tell apart. At times when playing a level, especially the later levels, the game lags so badly the entire screen sputters or straight up stops then goes again at a much later point.

Uses so much mbPosted by Daniel Castillo 2016-09-02

No ending for me, only for other peoplePosted by Mathew Walker 2016-09-02

The title says it all

Unplayably laggyPosted by Emma Bateman 2016-09-02

I don't see why there has to be a background animation slowing the whole thing down when the player's eyes are on the rhythm game in the foreground anyway. This app could be fixed with a simple high-def/low-def switch in the settings, fyi. That way people with really good phones can have their fancy graphics, and we plebeians with phones older than six months can actually play at all.

Posted by Brandon Banaag 2016-09-01

Loading takes forever

Clunky interface and invasive ads ruin a good gamePosted by Harrison Salzman 2016-08-30

The actual rhythm game aspect to Soundtrack Attack, while simple, is well-crafted and quite fun. Unfortunately, in order to get to that, you have to go through a slow-loading interface and deal with insistent, bouncing "view ads" buttons that never go away. I would not recommend this for children; the less they are exposed to advertisements, the better.

It's not loading it just has a picture of Steven.Posted by Amari Malcolm 2016-08-30

Please help me load this.

90% is loading screensPosted by jake dunlop 2016-08-30

The loading time is annoyingly crazy. The first 5 minutes didn't even have any gameplay in it. Overall bad and boring although the animations were good

Posted by The Everyguy 2016-08-30

It just didn't load and it lagged

RELLY LOVE ITPosted by Maaz Khan 2016-08-29

I love this show

Meh.Posted by Shaw zii 2016-08-27

I really like this game, but some of the texts glitch out and turn black and I couldn't even read half of the tutorial cause of the black. And the game lags so much. Tone down the animations a little because the loading screen takes too long to load.

Too fastPosted by 2016-08-26

If you are not good at fast paced games don't download this game but the game is good

Posted by graciela magana 2016-08-24

It wouldn't let me download it

Posted by Mason Lantz 2016-08-23


Dose not loadPosted by 2016-08-23

When i try to open the app ill just sit there staring at the screen for 10 min

MehPosted by Andrea Rupe 2016-08-22

I love me some rhythm games, but I found this one really hard :Г it starts out real fast with both hands instead of slowly increasing difficulty. Its forgiving, since I would do crap on a stage and still get 3 stars. But all the songs sound the same and its hard to immediately get thrown into having to use both hands.

Posted by Kayla Brandenburgh 2016-08-20

Not that fun

Lagged out on Nexus 5x.Posted by Daniel Sheldon 2016-08-20

I just didn't enjoy it much. The music is odd and the game needs to be restarted every so often if the music accidentally stops or loops wrong and overlaps menu music after a song.

LaggyPosted by Taurus Penguin 2016-08-19

It lags too much in higher levels and it skips frames and im unable to complete it.

So coolPosted by John Taylor 2016-08-19

:) :) ;) ;)

Posted by Ricki Huddlestan 2016-08-19

Because I couldn't get it to actually play the dang game

It lags so muchPosted by Gracie Bostwick 2016-08-18

So, I dont know if it's just my phone, but if your device is known to lag, this game will be so frustrating. And I love the Steven Universe soundtrack to death, but this game has ruined it. Most of the songs aren't even featured in the actual show. The songs that are in the soundtrack have been made to sound awful in the game.

Too easyPosted by Aaron Morris 2016-08-18

Game is super easy u can 3 star everything without powers or even trying beat game in a few hrs customization is just changing outfit slightly really no benefit to a better weapon cuz ur never looking at the back of the screen. And if u miss a star don't go back there isn't a special anything for doing it.

So glitch and laggingPosted by Renz Austria 2016-08-18

i find a bug fix this

I makes me madPosted by Blue Fire 2016-08-17

I took forever to download

Not a good rhythm gamePosted by anorexic fag 2016-08-16

This game like alot of the cartoon network and adult swim games are big let downs there are some good games and this is is not a good one the concept is nice but it's a horrible if your looking for a good rhythm game which rhythm games are the only thing I play and from experience this one is a let down also the music is horrible quality so if you want a good rhythm game go look at dynamix or voez or something but this is just steven universe clickbait

Very choppy, took 3 times to startPosted by Cole Ruffalo 2016-08-16

This app took 3 restarts on my Galaxy Note 4 to actually get it to play right. And even then the framerate was very choppy. Before the stars started moving while Garnet was still talking to me, then everything registered as BAD. I feel like the game would benefit if there were way less animated things all over the place, so that the framerate is smooth enough to play to the beat of the music. On the plus side, it looks just like the cartoon.

Posted by susan ringo 2016-08-16

Way to hard and takes to long to load

LaggyPosted by Ty Loudon-Wiese 2016-08-16

I am glad I didn't have to pay for this. The lag doesn't start until you hit the Kindergarten level. You start getting so many notes on screen that my phone will start to lag by 2-3 seconds as opposed to what is happenening on the screen which makes the Kindergarten unplayable unless you essentially have a top notch gaming PC. Now, don't get me wrong. I love rhythm games, even though I kind if suck at them. There is a difference between being not laggy, and not playable.

Just listen to the actual show musicPosted by Dan Greene 2016-08-15

Steven Universe has great music. Rhythm games work well for mobile. This clear, simple concept for a game isn't reflected in this poorly made not-really rhythm game which bizarrely features "rock" remixes and tuneless originals. There is never a clear instrument to listen to, often switching from beat to melody without warning and all in what is essentially the same song per "world". It fails at everything but functioning and wastes what could could have been another good mobile tie in.

To longPosted by Amyah Hodges 2016-08-15

When I first installed this game I couldn't even play it because it would never finish loading so I never got to play

Posted by Taylor Wilson 2016-08-15

Super cute, love the game--but super glitchy. Loading takes forever if it even works at all, sometimes the music targets don't even appear in the levels, and sometimes it takes a few minutes for the game to 'realize' you've tapped something. Not a great problem for a rhythm game to have. I feel like this has potential and I'm keeping an eye on it, but it's not very smooth-running at the moment.

LoadingPosted by sapnu puas 2016-08-15

I've been waiting weeks for and update so this can be fixed but an update hasn't come out, I'm on android that the loading times are more than 50% Of me playing the game, Very annoying and please fix.

I can't seePosted by tita g 2016-08-15

the game and graphics are great but the pictures in the background cause me to not see the things you have to click on

I want to play it but I can't:((Posted by Rotten Goldfish 2016-08-15

After I downloaded the game and open it, it just keep showing the loading picture of Steven running for over 10 minutes. I really want to play this game because of Steven, hope you can fix it please

To laggyPosted by Gam3r Dud3 2016-08-14

I'm a huge Steven universe fan but this game is trash

It's OK...Posted by Trevor Priesnitz 2016-08-14

The concept would work if there was more polish. The loading times are annoying, there are mostly generic techno songs, and the worst problem is the lag. It makes it impossible to complete the last level, and near impossible to complete levels mid desert and onward. It needs to have an option to lower the graphics and slow down a lite so the phone screen can keep up.

THIS IS DUMBPosted by Bartolo Paramo 2016-08-14

I have to wait a hour waiting to loud pleasssssssse fix this if not im going to change this and give i a 1 star but if you guys fixs this and it works i would give a 5 stare cause this game looks really coolllllllll so please fix this cool awesome game

Meh.Posted by Rachael Owens 2016-08-14

Generic beats made me hate this game.

Won't loadPosted by Katie Pershon 2016-08-14

Was so excited to make my own gem but after installing and uninstalling several times it still won't load past the first screen. :(

When do you get to play the game?Posted by Kina Mims 2016-08-13

I just wanted to play it's too much loading and talking

WWWWWWHHHHYYYY GLITCHES WWWWHHHYYYYPosted by Zendaya's biggest fan 2016-08-13

Every time I'm about to get to the first level it keeps having Glitches and goes back to home screen. its annoying. Please fix and I will rate 5stars. I was being nice putting 2 stars. Other than that it's ok

Posted by abagail Grimsley 2016-08-13


Stuck?Posted by Danielle French 2016-08-13

I just installed the app and it's just loading constantly. I don't understand.

Fanservice = Posted by Joey Snyder 2016-08-13

As Steven Universe fan service it works great, but as a Rythem game, it's subpar. The music gets out of sync, I feel rushed when u need to tap not like I'm playing along, there isn't a recognition for all perfect or getting all notes, and the background it just disorienting and distracting, I'd like an option to turn it off. The loading screens got annoying after a while too.

Suuuuuuuuuper Laggy..Posted by Katrina Hawkins 2016-08-13

Love Steven Universe so I wanted to try this game. I got through the first few levels ok, was a little laggy. Then it got even more super laggy and freezing...Please fix!

Very, very average.Posted by Moronic Intellectual 2016-08-13

It is not necessarily bad, so much as not any better than your average mobile rhythm game. The biggest difference is the art style, and whether that is a valuable asset is subjective, and up to individual opinion. I have not found any particular things wrong with it; it is just simpler than I would prefer.

Posted by Lucy Light 2016-08-13

Really bad make WAY EASIER

SlowPosted by Sherry Urlacher 2016-08-13

This game is so slow

Posted by Isaiah Callum 2016-08-13

Not that great

Posted by J'netta McNab 2016-08-13

Disappointing that there are hardly any songs from the show and what is there is generically remixed. Customization could also be improved! It's easy and a nice was to pass time though.

Not responsivePosted by Michael Mazzacane 2016-08-13

It asked me to press things and even though there's a little flash acknowledging that I pressed it, nothing happens

Posted by THE IMPACT 2016-08-12

Cant even open the game pls. Help its just stuck with steven kind of running

Sound not workingPosted by Alexey Pedroza 2016-08-12

Could be the app not compatible with my phone.

Posted by MeowthFan 2016-08-12

Very Laggy

Can't customizePosted by J PandaStache 2016-08-12

The only thing that shows up on my screen is the category title, otherwise a really cool game . . . Just wish i could play a character i made

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Soundtrack Attack is a rhythm runner set to the music of Steven Universe!

Let’s do this! Tap, hold, and swipe along to the music to unleash awesome attacks and outrun the Homeworld gems in Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe.

Choose a Quartz, Ruby, or Pearl and make them your own. Customize your gem with hair, outfits, accessories, and weapons! Unlock even more options as you play.

Soundtrack Attack features the music from the Steven Universe soundtrack, including remixes of “We Are the Crystal Gems,” “Stronger Than You,” “Steven and the Stevens,” “Giant Woman,” and many more!

Believe in Steven with Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe!


This game is available in the following languages: English

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