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Posted by edwin peco 2017-08-14


Posted by Genevieve Lavoie 2017-08-09

I prefer the paid games, they are much better quality!

Posted by Pink Princess987 msp 2017-08-09

Its so much fun Love it

Posted by Master gamer 2017-08-09

It's ok

Posted by Rocket 721 2017-08-06

My phone is pretty new but when I actually play the game part(not when they talk or let you create the gem) it lags and I can't pass the level

Posted by The Three Musketeers 2017-08-03

It's ok

Posted by YouTuber 2.0 2017-07-30

It glitches most of the time and I found the controls lagged whenever I touched my screen...

Posted by K Mraz 2017-07-29


Posted by 2017-07-29

I can't get in to the game

Posted by 2017-07-28

Its ok but it would be better if you would name and create your own gem like my own fan made gem bloodstone.

Posted by Megan Reed 2017-07-23

This game is very laggy on my device. I like the game, but game play can become very frustrating during later stage songs.

Posted by 2017-07-23

Over all the game was just meh I really wanted it to be super epic but it really wasn't

Posted by zoe clapp 2017-07-22

Its not working good

Posted by Barry Simeon 2017-07-21

I understand the concept of the game. But what I didn't like was that when you create your own gem it's a girl.

Posted by Black Gamer 2017-07-21

make it were u can be a male

Posted by i will pimp smack you with the back of my gem 2017-07-18

it's pretty tedious and the controls glitch which makes you mess up. i also wish there were more colors and gems, and i wish they had actual gem names. i dont just want a quartz, a ruby and a pearl. what if i wanted to be a diamond or a bismuth or an unknown gem or maybe even a hybrid. what if it could connect to the internet and you could fuse with other peoples gems? it's ok if you want something generic and repetitive i guess

Posted by Patrick Anderson 2017-07-16

The game is good overall, but it has some problems. It has some lag issues. Lag is difficult to ignore in most games no matter the genre, but rhythm games are especially hurt by lag. It isn't too bad unti level 4 of the Kindergarten. When the game lags causing you to miss notes breaking the longest combo chain you've gotten in a level... It gets pretty aggravating. The lag is emphasized by a rather large difficulty spike in regards to the star rating at Kindergarten 4 making missed notes and combo breaks all the more painful. The last thing is how difficult it is to use power ups in later levels. It's really dumb having a cooldown on power ups in the first place, but they can also only be used if you've taken your hands completely off the screen. They only last a second, meaning they're pratically useless in the last few levels as they go on for minutes. Otherwise, I did enjoy it. It's difficult without being overly complicated like most new-age rhythm games.

Posted by MiaPlayz 2017-07-16

It wont let me in it just stays the same.

Posted by Dayana gaming 2017-07-13

It's amazing but it's too large to download it plz don't make this thing large :(

Posted by lucas star191 2017-07-13

You need to add more gems like peridot topaz aquamarine lapis and u know

Posted by Amy Arendse 2017-07-09

The controls are good but the game is fast and quite difficult

Posted by J Badnon 2017-07-06

It is a okay game but after a while it get boring

Posted by gianna SU 2017-07-06

meh boi

Posted by Nikolas Gonzalez 2017-07-05

Played the first part and gotta say perfer the other steven universe game boring

Posted by Kalliopi gezerli 2017-07-04


Posted by Kathrine Reyes 2017-07-02

I thought it was interesting but okay

Posted by Fabulous 211 2017-06-29

it's fun but ver laggy

Posted by cassy lee 2017-06-28

Kinda liked it

Posted by yinyang painty 2017-06-27

This game is pretty fun and creative, but it kept glitching on my ipad.

Posted by super tuber 2017-06-25

You should be able to pick your gems shape like a proper gem

Posted by Zullayrin Zul 2017-06-24

It is the good game and so much fun

Posted by OGNEN-GAMING MK RENGER 2017-06-24

Ok game

Posted by steffanie Huertas 2017-06-23

Its boring and ok

Posted by stash maggedon power 2017-06-20

This game is cool but it should really have more levels like maybe in homeword

Posted by Haiku Hut 2017-06-19

It was really laggy, the graphics are ok, and the controls are bad.

Posted by Thamia Tanis 2017-06-17


Posted by lea Sikov 2017-06-17

I think it's good and fun

Posted by xojadlx Deviant 2017-06-14

It was lagging a lot but aside that I really enjoyed it

Posted by Junior Hernandez 2017-06-14

A mg

Posted by Stardust Saiyan The Duelist 2017-06-14


Posted by Temmie XTale 2017-06-07

This is me I'm horrible at it idk why and its not the games fault but I couldn't beat it or play without getting frustrated I like the game but I'm just horrible at it

Posted by 2017-06-06

I love steven universe actually so i love it

Posted by ChewieCookieFox 2017-06-05

Its pretty swell

Posted by Anaiah Salupen 2017-06-05

Nothing about it it's just normal

Posted by Eduardo Garcia Marin 2017-06-03

The game is very addicting and has really good graphics

Posted by 2017-06-03

I wish the graphics werent so glitchy Abd in wish clothes didnt cost as much

Posted by Евгений Седаков 2017-06-01

Laggy, many remixes are really bad

Posted by Scarf Guy 2017-05-30

It's great, I get to make my own recolored knock off original character, I then get to take said oc and use it in games. I just wish I could equip more than just a shirt at once. Like a pair of pants the garnet glasses and a hoodie.

Posted by crystal mazur 2017-05-29

It would be great if there were more customization options. Like facial features and more clothing.

Posted by Aries Cid 2017-05-28

I feel tricked. All I wanted was to play a rhythm game with Steven Universe songs, but I got this instead. There's a total of forty-two levels and only a fourth of those levels are actually in the show. However, the songs must be remixed by the motif of the island they're in; some improve and others worsen. Although I am not a big fan of some Steven Universe songs that are in this game, I'll let you judge. Talking about aesthetics now, this is not something you should attempt to focus on. The reason here is that the space between your character and a surrounding view constantly change. And don't look when you hold a note and negative colors start appearing. Honestly, I think this is an easy fix if you keep the view steady and allow the screen to simply scroll right. As long as it's visually interesting and the character's action is noticeable, these pointless camera effects are only there as a distraction. Moving on to the weakest part of this game, the story. I won't spoil it in the scenario you played it for a plot with morals, but I want to warn you there is no worthwhile build up to such an anti-climatic ending. And even if this is a small part to the game's overall bad storytelling, I feel a necessity to point this out. I personally think that the character customization, in my experience as playing a Ruby, is just bad. It's not the fact there's the lack of items or the fact you can not wear both shirt and pants, but the character having no personality. Under all this dress up is a shallow plot and these fake emotions the character has. Mostly because there is no time given into building any background, leaving a character to be vague and boring. However, there's a reason the game is three stars, and that is gameplay. Sure, it is sluggish in the first world and does nothing new in terms with the notes you play. But a mechanic other than that, such two separated lines of beats, work. In a game that in my opinion, ruins the potential it had by camera effect and the vague background, has the gameplay done perfectly. And as a kids game where it is crucial to have this aspect done right, I think it's worth a star.

Posted by Kellie Bright 2017-05-26

Its not that good

Posted by rebecca forlani 2017-05-25

It is bad bt you should get this game but I hated the control,s it is a bad but I like it

Posted by Kim Richardson 2017-05-23


Posted by Puddi Cat 2017-05-21

The only problem I have with this game is the MUSIC. I expected tracks by Aivi & Surasshu but it just sounds like an intern remixed random songs. There isnt a single unedited song in this game which is an absolute shame.The original soundtrack for Steven Universe is fantastic and these remixes are INSULTING to those beautiful songs. The beats are out of sync and it's especially obvious with vocals. The point of a rhythm game is to have good music but these songs are just BAD.

Posted by 2017-05-19


Posted by Jack Frost 2017-05-14

I think you should change the controls

Posted by heber Nolazco 2017-05-11

It stays on the same screen!!!

Posted by 2017-05-07

It's OK but it takes very loading

Posted by JollyToJammall 2017-05-06

It was GREAT but whenever I chose a level it glitched and I couldn't even read what they said

Posted by Sarah Askew 2017-05-04

Amazed I made it so far as it can be frustrating. There should be levels to each song and the harder levels make you hit notes for different parts of the song. One minute I havr to hit for melody another for rhythm it makes no sense. Also lvl 7 in kindergarten is weird I'll have well over 60 combo but the meter doesn't budge from where it starts at the beginning of the song. What's going on?

Posted by 2017-05-04

Its good

Posted by 2017-04-30

I would give it a five star if it would let me play it but it wouldn't let me

Posted by 2017-04-28

OK But how come there is only girls

Posted by Marc Christian Bermudez 2017-04-26

I hated it takes so long to load

Posted by 2017-04-19

It was very slow, but I'm willing to give it another try cause its half a year later. The game attack the light was a good game. I wish you can upload you own gemsona from Google drive. I made many on doll divine and I want to use them.

Posted by Diamondsparklz61 x 2017-04-17

Too laggy

Posted by 2017-04-16

It's Steven universe so...

Posted by 2017-04-16

I love this game, But I think that they should put more gems on the game

Posted by Bleeding Esophagus 2017-04-15

I love the music and how the game is set up. But when I am playing a song (a difficult one that has more notes) and it will get all laggy and not catch my movements correctly, especially with the swipes. If you are able to fix that, I'll consider giving this game five stars.

Posted by 2017-04-13

Well I love the game and all but once you get into the higher levels it lags a lot, you can't even hit the beats. I tried to use some of the slow down power ups but still there is a lot of lag. I would really like to move along in the game. This is really disappointing

Posted by my name is Jeff 2017-04-10

This app is 946 megabytes.

Posted by Foxygirl505 gaming and more 2017-04-07

This app is ol but it kinda freezes on me and I wish for this game to add a button called switch gem type so you can switch like from pearl to ruby or quartz and I wished there were more gems type to add to this game.

Posted by Mista Fidget Mincecraft, plants vs zombies and more 2017-04-05

Y is there no boy hair like stevens??

Posted by Ralph's Vlogs/Gaming 2017-04-02

How come we can only make a Pearl,Quartz,and Rudy's why can't we make Lapis Lazuli's and Peridot's and why can't we have all our gems to make fusions or work as a team

Posted by Charlotte Gholston 2017-04-02

Every time that I win three stars it doesn't put them on the star thing so it just says that I get one or two stars so I don't unlock an island normally I have to get more stars when the levels are really really hard fix it now!!!! I can not put an angry emoji so angry emoji!!!!!!!!! And!

Posted by Chloe Larson 2017-03-31

So, there's more than a couple problems here. This game is super slow and laggy, and that makes it hard to play. On the last part of Rose's room, I always lose my last star because the game isn't registering that I'm tapping the stars. It's driving me insane... I wish there was more diversity, too. Like, you can have more than one weapon type per gem, and you can choose where your gem is. I would also like for there to be more types of gems (Sapphire, Agate, Lapis). The animation is nice, but it doesn't scream Steven Universe to me as much as I feel like it should. The music is annoying. Only the second and sixth part of each area are actually from the show. That's 12 songs, total, from the show. The 30 other songs (not including the menu themes) are just generic music. I wouldn't mind actually having some music from the soundtrack, like Opal's theme or something. I literally have to mute the game whenever I play a part that isn't a song from the show. Overall, this is a great start for a game, with good potential, but horrible execution. At least fix the lag, and maybe it'll have something redeemable.

Posted by Claigh Bennett 2017-03-28

I accidently clicked on pearl and it won't let me change the gem! What do I do cause I'm kinda annoyed

Posted by Portia Ingal 2017-03-27


Posted by Zcherzo Z. 2017-03-27

I'd like to address something. I use an LGK7 and when I play this game, there is an immense amount of lag when loading as well as when there are too many beats to play on the screen. I have had many music apps all which Ive been able to tap a massive amount of beats on and not once seen lag or a pause. Im not sure if the info is clear enough but if like it to be fixed if possible. Thank you ~

Posted by The Apple Biscuit 2017-03-25

I could not even enter the game, all I saw was Steven looking at a running position...

Posted by JeYsOn Capoquian 2017-03-25

It's only OK

Posted by Vericko Dhuha 2017-03-24

How to play it and it is sttoped

Posted by Lolita Aballa 2017-03-22

Why is it so hard to load

Posted by winda fitriani 2017-03-22


Posted by stamperder .Roblox 2017-03-16

So...... When are the mobile purchases available? 'Cause i think it takes a bit to long tot get enough points tot buy accesories and stuff

Posted by Admiral Potato 2017-03-15

I really love this game and i was trying to 100% complete it but i got to the point where the game would lag too much for me to actually play properly.

Posted by Blue W 2017-03-12

I like the game, but it's very laggy.

Posted by Treble Maika 2017-03-11

Loads incredibly slowly and takes up a lot of space on my phone. Also the stars don't appear where you tap to rhythm so it throws me off while playing

Posted by Connor Wright 2017-03-09

So far: PROS: - Decent controls - Soundtrack hasnt gotten repetitive so far - Decent customization - Runs smoothly - Ads totally optional - CONS: - Hard to actually watch the character while playing, maybe tweak UI a bit? - Dialogue and Story very bland compared to Attack the Light - Some Pearl character customization options look bland during gameplay (profile view vs straight on view)

Posted by Ryn Chan 2017-03-06

I was expecting regular other songs, but I was also expecting the original songs from the show to play but they're all remixed....and not very well either...also waaay too easy to get 3 stars on each level. I miss like 14 taps and I still got 3 stars.... and ungodly long loading screens.....not a bad game tho just not what u expect

Posted by the leafy Pokemon 2017-03-04

its ok cause it took 47 minutes to load

Posted by 2017-03-04

Its great but its too challenging I cant get past a level

Posted by Duncan Grinder 2017-03-01

It's just ok that is it

Posted by Sakazuki-san 2017-02-28

buggy and laggy, story is kinda like a bad fan fiction. customization was okay but it could use some improvements ( like equip more than 1 item , and choosing the color of the items with a color wheel ) I finished it in 1:40h. not gonna play it again. the music is also basix and gets repetitive... alot ! but its still a great time killer... i mean, i finished it :)

Posted by Sarah Kim 2017-02-27

Love the cartoon figured the game would be awesome. Graphics are amazing and game play is overall not bad. But the songs are what killed it- I was hoping for more songs I'd recognize, BGM or not. Disappointed. Game has a lot of potential and still does tho. Pretty fun overall.

Posted by piper plack 2017-02-26

I love this game but here's is my problem: It took up all my storage and I had to delete everything. Could u fix that? Thx!

Posted by Doctor Tiger 2017-02-21

The customization doesn't work in my app. Apart from that, the game is awesome.

Posted by Rufus Doofus 2017-02-18

The breathing animation is kinda wrong and sometimes the hold control run animation is kinda uncreative but I love the game still!

Posted by First Name Last Name 2017-02-16

Needs more character customization.

Posted by raheem cruz 2017-02-16

Well it is WAY BETTER than the old version.

Posted by Daniel Enrique V. Felices 2017-02-13

Its kind of glichi

Posted by dead shot344 2017-02-11

It's cool

Posted by Mildred Bush 2017-02-11

It's good

Posted by Lolz the Swelldefu 2017-02-10

The game wont load, when i enter the game it only shows Steven running and thats it

Posted by MinecraftGamer Junior 2017-02-09


Posted by Marlone Torreja 2017-02-09

It's ok but I see so much bugs like the screen being shattered then the screen will "freeze" and the time when loading stays at 50% and when I was talking to garnet when I press the screen it said Bad then after talking to garnet, I lose. Please fix these 3 bugs I would rate higher if you do.

Posted by Lgh 02 2017-02-09

Really fun and has a great soundtrack, but I really dislike how you can miss the first 20 notes and still get 3 stars if you make everything else, but if you get everything perfect but miss the last note, you only get 2 stars.

Posted by miku/ LDlightLady 2017-02-09

It's ok i guss becuse i like steven univers

Posted by jevor williams 2017-02-07

It's only crashing please help

Posted by Meeep Kat 2017-02-07

I like the game and some of the remixes too. But the thing is, it lags a TON on my phone when I play Kindergarten and the one before. I barely can get a decent score on Kindergarten level 3. I hope that you'll fix this quickly. I'll enjoy the game more when the lag decreases untill it's slightly playable

Posted by TeamUndertale aws 2017-02-04

The game gliches rate 3 sorry dude

Posted by Alecsandro Farias 2017-02-04

The game is alright. It has a nice gameplay and cool graphics, but pales in comparison to the other Steven Universe's game, Attack the Light... It could do much better than this!

Posted by Averi Wren 2017-02-02

It a good game but why does it take so Long to load

Posted by First Last 2017-02-02

So many bugs please fix when I go on it messes up

Posted by 2017-02-01

It took up a lot of a pace in my phone so I had to delete other apps but its a OK game but not good enough to take up as much space as it did

Posted by Alcafes the hedgehog 2017-02-01

Am I too old to play this game I'm 13

Posted by Fushen Master 2017-01-28

The game kepps delting my progress ever time im ofline and it wont let me go back on after that

Posted by Erin 2017-01-27

It needs more character customization choices, but other than that, it's a good game.

Posted by Jenna Wilkins 2017-01-26

Just finished the game (on a new phone) and I wanted to update my review. The game is very fun and lags a LOT LESS on my new galaxy s7 than it did on my s3. I like the remixed mosic and it's been super fun heari g my favorite SU songs in a new way. The only major complaint i have is that there is no end cutscene! I have played through the whole thing and made sure to get full stars on each sone, so I am relatively sure it is not an isssue of completion that is keeping me from seeing the ending. I am pretty disappointed that there isn't even a bit of dialogue at the end :(

Posted by 2017-01-23

it's ok but when I play it keeps crashing please fix it

Posted by Kitty Michaelis 2017-01-22

The game is very good, as someone who plays Cytus and deemo, I think it's very cute. My only issues are the controls. The lag caused by all of the movement in the background makes some levels unbeatable. It would be useful to fix this if possible. Otherwise, it's a good game.

Posted by MagicalMermaidArts 2017-01-21

Avatar customization could be better, gameplay lags a lot making you lose, and for a kids game, the last area is almost impossible. Still fairly addicting though, and worth a chance.

Posted by Eugene Satorre 2017-01-21


Posted by Ashal Ali 2017-01-20

A little good

Posted by Kurdo 99 2017-01-20

"Why don't waste time with this More often?"

Posted by Alessandro Correira 2017-01-20

Good game but very glitchy

Posted by 2017-01-18

Great music and graphics, dull gaming, I like it.

Are you seriousPosted by kimora davis 2017-01-15

cartoon Network why do most of your games cost money how am I supposed to get the game I want when it cost money and the ones that don't are boring

NICEPosted by randomvids all for kids 2017-01-14

Well could be improved more gems to be mor stuff pls add lapis,sapphire,peridot,jasper k

More problemPosted by Owen Tan 2017-01-12

When i install it i open the game and it not work

Survival five nights at fivePosted by Fries Katsup 2017-01-11

G CD ru jfhfhfvgg ru d

PolticoPosted by 2017-01-11

Quelolico lol

Not worth it...Posted by Josué Costa 2017-01-09

It's an amazing idea for a game since SU songs are awesome, but the fps drops make the game bad and unplayable. ..

It's good and badPosted by 2017-01-09

Magamda nga sa mga bata pero napapabayaan ang kanilang pag aaral pero masaya kahit saating mga adults dahil masaya

Needs Fixing!!Posted by Icy Gaming 2017-01-08

Pls fix the bug where the application would only run for a few minutes and then the screen would get black and force close fix pls I like the game so pls fix!!!!

CoooooooooooooolllPosted by Kizara forbes 2017-01-08


Its pretty good.Posted by Blues 2017-01-07

Its a great game with a very nice soundtrack- but it would be better if it was more free hand.

MehPosted by Clutch weeb 2017-01-07

The art was ok not what id like to look like but thats what im getting,i started the game and there was an ad id think the show wasnt like this well they are struggling with money sooo ad momey why not

Trying to be to muchPosted by Monica Ryder 2017-01-06

This game is a platformer by way of rhythm game, in that the gem you are playing as can only navigate obstacles as well as you can play rhythm games. This is a fine idea, but the amount that's happening on the screen causes lag which is death for an enjoyable rhythm game. What makes matters worse is the layout of the screen in level is awful, putting the two note tracks on each side of the screen.On top of that, there is character customization options. The elements of this game would have been better apart

Marylan jeretaPosted by Mary Joy Jereta 2017-01-05

It's ok

It's alrightPosted by Bill Gates 2016-12-31

The hit detection is somewhat wonky, during the beginning of levels the camera keeps zooming in and out, and your save files are locked to Ruby, Pearl and Quartz. As well as this, most of the songs are really generic techno, with essentially one per world being remixes of in-show songs. Overall, though, the aesthetics are fine otherwise. The vectors and animations so far are okay, and the geometry of stages is decent. Because you're focusing on rhythm, however, you can miss out on these animations.

Its HardPosted by TNT Boy TS 2016-12-29

Its Very Most Hard More Hard to level 5 and i died Please Make more Levels Easyer please

CoolPosted by leina maryam Quicho 2016-12-28

The other games has to be paid just to download

StartedPosted by Tatyana McDaniel 2016-12-28

I can't even start it because all I see is steven in a running pose

It's kind of boringPosted by Mary Sperry 2016-12-27

I liked making a character and the music was good but the overall game was kind of boring.

Posted by Austin Boe 2016-12-25

Not a bad time killer but it does get tedious after a while

It was okPosted by Soniya Wills 2016-12-21

Fun I ges you could have fun making gems

So much lag!Posted by Katie Hastings 2016-12-19

I love the idea of the game but it lags so much that it becomes unplayable. I blame the background graphics.

LaggyPosted by richard grayson 2016-12-15

Optimize it more! it's not that smooth

Could have been named Loading AttackPosted by Ditte Reich 2016-12-15

The game is decent. The graphics are very nice indeed, the controls intuitive, and while the "plot" is one of the most obvious excuse-plots I've encountered recently, it does not harm this game. On the downside, the game loads. And loads and loads and loads. Enter the menu? Loading! Enter the shop? Loading! Map-select screen? More loading. Actual stages themselves? MORE loading. The graphics of your chosen gem running through diverse landscapes are also entirely missed, as you spend your time being focused on the next incoming notes. At least, for the most part, those graphics do not actually interfere with your ability to see what bits on the screen that are moving backgrounds and which are the notes you need to hit. Sure, you can choose a gem (read: virtual paperdoll), but it has hardly any impact on anything save a bit of dialogue and a few frames of the animation... Overall, the sheer quantity of loading and loading and loading means that just isn't worth the time unless you're either a hardcore Steven Universe fan, and/or a hardcore rythm game fan.

AwesomPosted by Alden Vermeulen 2016-12-10

It looks good to play ho disintlike it

HardPosted by the bro ken 2016-12-10

I love it but it's really really really hard

Posted by 2016-12-08

This is lame

I want to love it...Posted by Dominique Joly 2016-12-06

The presentation is great and the tu es are catchy and snappy. The gem maker is pretty great and unexpected for a rhythm game. Now for the bad points: the gameplay is problematic for small mobile devices, the double thumb input is tricky to do properly with cramping or general clunky movement. Its also hard on the eyes since the notes are mostly asymmetrical, the faster segments get really messy. The kicker here is that there are some really bad lag spikes, on my device anyway (galaxy s4).

Has amazing songs!Posted by 2016-12-05

The game is so good but it should more make some songs in the game like in battle songs

ETPosted by Richard Barrientez 2016-12-04

Every time I try a level it shuts off

Posted by Dolores Hernandez 2016-11-30

This game is so much fun

How do you get it to startPosted by Syre Baker 2016-11-26

How do you its fustrating

I starting level 1 for training its lags and colour to greyPosted by Wackson Loh Keat 2016-11-25

Pls Fix Read Desc

GoodPosted by Javier Ayala-Leano 2016-11-19

I am in level 100 but............

WowPosted by Mathew Crichton 2016-11-17

You get to make YOUR ONE FREKIN GEM

good butPosted by CaxceberXVI 2016-11-14

the prize doubler video thing isn't working and now it's just crashed the app

Posted by Deon Pearson 2016-11-13

It didn't work

UhmPosted by NightStar AJ 2016-11-13

Are they all girls

to much ads and WiFiPosted by 2016-11-12

man this is my favorite game but I hate ads plus I can't play it in other places when I'm on the go

Male character please?Posted by Youguessed Itright 2016-11-06

I understand all the gems are genderless but they are more female looking, id be nice just to have a choice in the body types thats all

S.U OcPosted by GoldenFumeGamer 2016-11-05

Can't make my Steven universe original character

It's alrightPosted by Michael L. Bowie 2016-11-04

It's fun an addicting at first, but it's a little repetitive. The music is hit or miss as well and the ending is lackluster. Also not much you can do after you clear all the stages because there's nothing after, even when you 3 star all the stages. It was pretty easy getting 3 stars the first run on every stage. Wish there was some kind of scoring system and leaderboards at least for more replayability.

So hard of this gamePosted by Tiffany Foote 2016-11-04

Steve universe is my favorite of cartoon

mash itPosted by Nonlastiga Cenon 2016-11-02

I am kind of a noob but I still suceed

Not a bad gamePosted by mohammed radawi 2016-10-29

It has nice things like the gems

MINION SUPER SONIC 8899Posted by Minion Shadic The Hedgehog 2016-10-29

Im gonna be Red Boysz5

Way too easyPosted by Aaron Tandoc 2016-10-28

I nearly beat the whole game in just 24 hours.

Good conceptPosted by Odd Pearl Knight 2016-10-28

I like the gameplay, but the music is not great and would be better if there were more of the tracks from the series. There could also be more avatar clothing/accessory options, most of them don't match the available gem colours. Only stumbled across a few bugs, fairly harmless, would like to see updates.

Ya okPosted by Johann From TeamTDM 2016-10-27

Ya ok

Is k i guessPosted by 2016-10-26

Now it's a good rhythm game and has a nice art style but you promised me a lot of Steven universe song remixes but in one world you get to hear 2 remixes and the rest are made up.

Posted by 2016-10-25


Ok, but not greatPosted by 2016-10-25

This was an ok game, but I have a few objections. Too many loading screens. Almost any menu change requires a loading screen. Not only that, the loading time is slow. Gameplay-wise, decent but when the gaming gets intense it lags which throws off your timing. My biggest problem with the game is how ad-driven it is. Want nice bonuses? Watch an ad! Want to double those points? Watch this ad! Get a cool prize if you watch this ad! Personally would rather just do a one-time buy the game and avoid the ads.

Really goodPosted by The Original Memelord 2016-10-25

This game is amazing, but everytime I tried to start a level, the game crashed..

One *BIG* ProblemPosted by Willow's Den 2016-10-25

It crashes when you can create your own gem :( NO MATTER WHAT I WILL STILL LOVE STEVEN UNIVERSE!

OkPosted by logan ruiz-mattern 2016-10-25

I like all things but one bug one I beat a level it takes me to my home screen

GirlsPosted by abimbola abiola 2016-10-24

I want to make a boy gem but there are only girls please update it to make a gender selection

Posted by Michelle Dunning 2016-10-23

The later levels are too fast and you have to respond early to them to count, also there needs to be more customisation and a option to have 2 accessories at once. But it's fun and the songs are alright too.

Posted by Sharkbait The Dork 2016-10-22

Fun until later levels, then it lags to the point of being unplayable. It won't register any taps and I quickly lose the level through no fault of my own.

But its too hardPosted by Clarita Claridades 2016-10-20

Make this game more easy for kids to play you should put a Hard,Medium,And Easy to sellect

Posted by ducks are cool 2016-10-20

Gem creator won't work

Posted by Khoudia Dieng 2016-10-19

Don't get it but it's cool

YPosted by snooze 2016-10-17

It WONT work for me at all and I'm a big fan pls fix when I start a level It will kick me out

Short gameplayPosted by Lady Angelia 2016-10-16

It's cute, graphics are great for the game. Music is great for the most part, but if u arent going to add another main map there should have been more ACTUAL SU songs instead of just 2 per level. Finished it in no time and am now very disappointed. The storyline was lame. I like that u can pick ur gem but hate the limitations, ESPECIALLY that i cant wear more than one item from each category (seriously, why are there even matching outfits?). The music choices vs game length is keeping it from being a 5-star

Overall okayPosted by Connor Henderson 2016-10-16

But sadly very easy and not satisfying to complete. I completed this in a day and have had no reason to touch again :(

It anoying if it lagsPosted by Carl Borg 2016-10-16

This is a ok game but at most parts this game will lag when you tap the screen at the right time it dont register or it marks it a bad even when ueing power up like slowing down so it wont lag as bad you might as well not us it on the first place because it wont register.

Could be betterPosted by patricia carpenter 2016-10-16

I miss so many beats because the game pages and skips a lot. I've had levels were the meter didn't even move.

Really LaggyPosted by Abby Has No Life 2016-10-15

Most of the time I can't even get past the level select. @ Me google

It could've been greatPosted by Elle Bee 2016-10-14

I had high expectations for this game, as Attack the Light was amazing, but this game does not meet that standard. Firstly, the remixes are... Bad. So bad. Like sped up nightcore kind of terrible. However the levels with just music and no songs are great! The only good song is the theme tune on the last level. Thats it. Unlike AtL there is no real plot, your character says they are running from their homeworld. That's it. After the last level there's nothing and it feels so unfinished. Its OK but not great.

its fun until you get to the fast levelsPosted by Marisa Miller 2016-10-13

it keeps glitching and doesnt play smoothly anymore its really annoying cuz i cant play :(

100000Posted by ام علي الحبيبة 2016-10-13


Glitches on my phonePosted by Zaina Taskuna121 2016-10-09

I love the game it's so much fun but it's so glitchy on my phone but other than that it's great but please put more gems and keep the songs normal not into a DJ remix

Fabricio portilloPosted by chilindrina Portillo 2016-10-09


Posted by Michael Rondan 2016-10-09

It's ok

WOWPosted by michael the one 2016-10-09

Way too hard

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Soundtrack Attack is a rhythm runner set to the music of Steven Universe!

Let’s do this! Tap, hold, and swipe along to the music to unleash awesome attacks and outrun the Homeworld gems in Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe.

Choose a Quartz, Ruby, or Pearl and make them your own. Customize your gem with hair, outfits, accessories, and weapons! Unlock even more options as you play.

Soundtrack Attack features the music from the Steven Universe soundtrack, including remixes of “We Are the Crystal Gems,” “Stronger Than You,” “Steven and the Stevens,” “Giant Woman,” and many more!

Believe in Steven with Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe!


This game is available in the following languages: English

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