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Posted by Shannon Dehlin 2017-08-16

I really liked this game but harder levels slow my phone down and it takes an immense amount of storage.

Posted by 2017-08-15


Posted by dimond creeper 2017-08-15

Extremely good graphics !!

Posted by Marcus Doak 2017-08-12

I like steven unervers a lot and this is a good game

Posted by inspirational 1225 2017-08-12

Can you add more gems and weapons please and different body types for quartz's and can you make it so I can change gem placement and remove the shadow under the gem while she's running it looks unnatural also fix the running animation and when she went up the rocks it looked weird

Posted by Skylar Parish 2017-08-11

This game is really fun, but I do wish there were more lyriced songs instead of just the 2nd and 6th level of each stage. But besides that l have a lot of fun playing!

Posted by Elayna Tesh 2017-08-09

Its good for people that like Steven Universe, and great for people who like a challenge.

Posted by Danielle Doyle 2017-08-09

My game wont load. I cant get past the first loading screen. EDIT: i had to delete and re install the app. It works now.

Posted by 2017-08-09

Very Cool Game Hope Steven Universe Season 5

Posted by Luchesca Martin 2017-08-05

Like the songs

Posted by Lava Bidoof 2017-08-03

If you love Steven universe and it's awesome music, then GET THIS GAME!!!!

Posted by Comicfangirl Hii 2017-08-03

Great game just runs slowly some times

Posted by Alex Rigden 2017-08-02

Great! Only issue is that it stopped starting, and it had to be reinstalled so that it would work, however that may be a bug on my device.

Posted by RYMICS ACTION 2017-07-30


Posted by Reese Wilkinson 2017-07-28

so realistic but a little laggie might just be my phone

Posted by Val Zurick 2017-07-28

Pretty fun

Posted by Badariah Nordin 2017-07-27


Posted by Orel Black 2017-07-26

Who ever sad its a great time killer well they are what they said this game is great

Posted by Jessica Levario 2017-07-26

It's ok

Posted by Greg Neil Tagalog 2017-07-25

Needs more options in customizer

Posted by 2017-07-25

I haven't neccessarily played it yet but based on the reviews, i love it! #love steven universe theme song.

Posted by Mustafa game over 2017-07-23

Game very good wooow

Posted by Alyssa Kaufman 2017-07-21

This game is super fun but I honestly thought it was a bit easy because I finished to game within a couple days with only a few stars that I can't get

Posted by Tatiler 2017-07-20

Takes up a little too much memory

Posted by Zoe Faucette 2017-07-18

Posted by Kadar Walter 2017-07-17

Real nice game it is absolutely amazing sticks sometimes though pretty cool

Posted by Darrel W. Flynn Jr 2017-07-17

I've played this game before on my old tablet and I like but for some reason it won't continue past the first screen of Steven. I'm using another Android tabled and want to play it again, please help.

Posted by Elayna Costigan 2017-07-16

I have only given 4/5 5 stars because I love this too much to give a simple 5 stars. IT WOULD BE 11/5

Posted by Xextremists Gaming 2017-07-12

I love the graphics but it was too much for my phone to even comprehend and crash after the third stage and never woke up

Posted by Alania Gwan 2017-07-12

I love the graphics and all the levels, it was challenging!! But the only problem i have is that, can you put more level pls, the level were alittle bit! So can you add more levels pls!!?

Posted by Collins Usada 2017-07-09

This game is fun but I wish you could play as the gems

Posted by Amirul Iman 2017-07-09

I love it but when i reach to level2 my game crash pleas fix it

Posted by Monkeygirl plush 2017-07-07

Coming because of the songs

Posted by 2017-07-06


Posted by 2017-07-06

it so fun i can't even stop playing it

Posted by Olivia Davidson 2017-07-05

It takes a bit when its loading, but other than that its an absolutely wonderful game!

BrunettePosted by Daywattie Burnette 2017-06-30

I don't know why because I don't install it yet

Posted by Stop Dab 2017-06-29

I think its pretty challenging but can you make it so that there's more accessories and you can change faces?? Thanks!

Posted by Arvie Tevin 2017-06-29

Its a cool game with a rythm and monster to defeat its a little more difficult

Posted by 2017-06-29


Posted by Robert Mccrary 2017-06-28

It was not the best

Posted by Joe Howard 2017-06-26


Posted by Lond Sch 2017-06-22


Posted by Sea Bacon 2017-06-22

I think it's a grate game Except when I pause or hit play it lowers my score

Posted by 2017-06-21

It's cool but I have trouble because when I want to play it stays with the Steven for hours

Posted by FAMERGAMER FG 2017-06-19

Its enjoyable but can u somehow add human gem hybrids because i want a male character pls

Posted by Aaron Anderson 2017-06-19


Posted by Matthew Albright 2017-06-19

The game is a little tricky but fun

Posted by Febi Nur 2017-06-19


Posted by Mary Jean Hernandez 2017-06-16

Nice so cool

Posted by PAWAN GARG 2017-06-15

it is a fantastic game but needs some work

Posted by Joman Ramez 2017-06-12


Posted by Liya 2017-06-10

This game is good! Great rhythm action while listening to fan-favorite SU tracks. I also appreciate that the "notecharts" sync with the song almost perfectly. Like others have said, there IS loading screen lag. Also, we NEED the ability to wear more than one "Earth Accessory" at once! I mean, legs, bodies, eyes, and heads are NOWHERE NEAR each other, so why can't I wear pants, a shirt, a visor, and a hat? It doesn't really make sense

Posted by P Welliver 2017-06-09

Good game. It just needs more gem options.Plus the music is great.#GreatMusic

Posted by FrozenHaloGaming 2017-06-08

Its very good but when i try to play a level it brings me to the home screen... I dont know why it does that but overall I like the game.

Posted by KEI KEI FLUFFS 2017-06-07

Graphics are great. Awesome game never see on like this love it

Posted by Kyle guiang 2017-06-06

I love Steven universe

Posted by Ashley Vantas 2017-06-03

Its great but why can't you pick a gender?

Posted by 2017-06-03

Fuc you guys

Posted by zaniya brown 2017-06-01

Its a great app but it needs more (singable) songs

Posted by Jeger Ayam 2017-05-31

Good But i hate the control please fix it!

Posted by Noah Silkwood 2017-05-25

This game is pretty cool

Posted by Deuce Harrison 2017-05-25


Posted by 2017-05-21

This game is awesome love the music!

Posted by Yvette Alvarado 2017-05-20


Posted by Kim Jilliane Cabral 2017-05-19

This is ok love it

Posted by Dat Boi 2017-05-18

It lags sometimes

Posted by stanley pena 2017-05-18


Posted by champion gamer08 2017-05-17


Posted by Brittany Engle 2017-05-16

This game is a lot of fun. I love the environment, the atmosphere and the songs are a lot of fun. The remixes sound amazing and the filler songs are fun and dance-y and perfect for this kind of game. There are a few issues with pacing, namely the game is very easy until the last world, which is suddenly very hard. More importantly the continues you can buy are broken and it won't recognize your touch at all after you use it, making them useless. Hopefully this can be fixed in the future.

Posted by 2017-05-16

Love it but there's so much in the last levels that my phone can't process it all. Made for some extremely funny bugs, but I am a little sad that I can't finish the game.

Posted by Miranda Barnes 2017-05-14

Overall pretty cool. It's easy for me so it gets boring after a while, especially bc you can't equip more than one human accessory at once, which makes it kind of pointless to get coins. but it is unique and fun at first, at least.

Posted by Steven The Knight 2017-05-13

The Ads are now available in other countries outside U.S. but the merchandise and the other good stuff isn't... Anyway,I'm happy this game is finally availalable in my country ( Romania) and it's a very good app. I'm also a big fan of Steven Universe. I would have given 5 stars but the sound effects (FX) are missing.There are also many other bugs in the game and that's why an update should be released. The sound can't be completely turned off. On some devices ( tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Android Kitkat) sometimes the loading screen gets stuck at 50 % and the game loads after approximative 30 seconds.

Posted by Jennifer Rogers 2017-05-10

The game is great but the labels gate to hard to quickly but other then that I love it

Posted by Blue Berry 2017-05-05

I like that there's music added into the game

Posted by Angel Hollins 2017-04-29

I like it

Posted by Vivian McCormack 2017-04-28

Good app.

Posted by Nicole Guzman 2017-04-28

for people who are complain about the gems, those are homeworld ranks. First, quartz is a soldier who can't give up easily like Jasper who got a Mohs scale of 7.0 please search your gem! Next, pearl, these are servants who take some orders of a diamond like some colors. Ruby, is a soldier comes from a group of rubies, colored rubies and any kind of rubies are allowed

Posted by 2017-04-27

I really like how super 3d it is and the music is good as well

Posted by Vincent Lm 2017-04-22

Need more levels with more songs, new gems would be fun too. When you have to press and hold on one side and swipe on the other side sometimes it doesnt work. Also the swiping is really annoying and difficult to do.

Posted by Fox Cat 2017-04-20

This is game is great but you should add more gems so the game will be better

Posted by Azizan Kadir 2017-04-20

Yea its fine

Posted by Shelly Orgi 2017-04-20

It's ok

Posted by 2017-04-18

I like it but I don,t like it.

Posted by panget pampam 2017-04-16

I like it ... but i don't love it given the fact i completed the game for just 20 hrs the frame rate and loading times are awful and that freaky glitchy dialogue sequences (maybe it's just my phone but i think it's not because other games bigger than this works fine) still good tho i gave 4 stars because it's a music game (but not categorized as one) and one more thing ... why you guys included the mr greg songs whyy ... there's more better songs than those...

Posted by Myka Guidry 2017-04-16

Sometimes when I get back on it tells me to go to the shop but I already buyed the red shirt and I got stuck on there

Posted by Fake James 2017-04-15

Steven steven steven

Posted by VIDEO GAME adriano 2017-04-14


Posted by Sureshkumar Rai 2017-04-13

It sound is very good

Posted by Teboho Ramochalla 2017-04-12


Posted by TallNebula22778 2017-04-06

It's good

Posted by KAUSHIK ROY 2017-04-05

I love it

Posted by frisk mercy 2017-04-04

It's ok? Maybe but I enjoy it a bit!

Posted by Julius Beavers 2017-04-04

It's the greatest game i ever played the controls are a lit had but its fun overall

Posted by 2017-03-31

Its wonderful but.. I hope you can costumize more gem and you can choose more options

Posted by Alpha Lapis DreemurrXx 2017-03-31

Pretty much better and good

Posted by PURPLEWOLF1856 2017-03-30


Posted by epic_Awesome Gameplays 2017-03-30

Well the thing is I put the game and then it glitches and sends me out.

Posted by X-ian Xqtchid 2017-03-28


Posted by nihal azmeel 2017-03-28

This is cool

Posted by 2017-03-28

The game is amazing but the controls stop reading my tapping and still does it even with full battery

Posted by 2017-03-26

Not quite as good as the previous mobile Steven Universe game, but at least you get to listen to awesome music!

Posted by Mattcream 2017-03-25

Hey uh I'd give this game 5 stars but I want to be peridot

Posted by Squiddo SquidHead 2017-03-25

It's not the best thing ever but I like some of the remixes and how you create your own gem.

Posted by Cupcake Creamy 2017-03-23

I think this game is cool

Posted by Emmerson B 2017-03-21

I love the show, and all of the characters. This is a great idea. However; it needs a little help with lag. Also: consider in app purchases? The ads are a good thing - but I want you all to make money so we can keep getting more Steven Universe! :)

Posted by Mr Frag gaming 2017-03-21

The only problem is i cant design my gem

Posted by Christian Matthew 2017-03-20

Hmmmmm cool

Posted by DeathNote 92 2017-03-18

Awesome but gravies should be better

Posted by Sofia Ahamad 2017-03-18

Liked it

Posted by 2017-03-17

It is very cool also addictive i guest

Posted by Zavier Schneider 2017-03-14

Nice game. Very addicting

Posted by Blair Beebe 2017-03-13

Boring a little.

Posted by CrystalMoonaLunaMoon 2017-03-13

You guy should add more gems to be as please

Posted by aaron herdianto 2017-03-13

Challenging and fun game to play even though it took quiet long to download but it's still great.Good animation and controls and it's not so heavy app so It loads quite fast.

Posted by COMMAND_GEMING GEMING 2017-03-13


Posted by 2017-03-10

I loved it. Great idea, but one problem. The desert levels need to be finished so other people can progress further into the game. My tip to you, is that you should Finnish a game before you publish it. Other than that, good job.

Posted by Amber Black 2017-03-09

Its a great game, its super fun and easy to play. I just wish there were more gems and colors to choose from.

Posted by lee non 2017-03-08

It was nice, simple but not too easy. However I had many loading screens whenever I did any changing through menus it took 10ish seconds to load which was annoying. Also because of the long load screens just going to play the song you want takes a while there should just be a list of all the levels, a song list that you can fill, a custom made soundtrack to play all your songs without loading screens and more songs hopefully original ones.

Posted by Onyx 2017-03-08

I love this game!

Posted by VADER'S APPRENTICE 2017-03-07

Its good but why all females?

Posted by Marchantya Bimantara 2017-03-07

It's a really cute game to be honest, except that it takes a lot of waste time until i actually play

Posted by Sharita Ahmad 2017-03-06

Is like oseme but stage tow i stuke

Posted by Haniko Sai 2017-03-05

The best cartoon network game I've ever played.its absolutely spectacular.

Posted by ruby land 2017-03-04

WOW the game is cuuuuuuuuute and good to it

Posted by William Hall 2017-02-27

Cooooooooooo ooooooool

Posted by Clemente Ubiadas 2017-02-24

I really love it and I am a huge fan of Steven universe.I have a favor can you add some more fusion in attack the light?

Posted by saltu gamer 2017-02-24

It kicks me

Posted by StevenMVGuy 2017-02-22

I love this but the swiping controls don't respond at a lot of times. This game looks lovely and the remixes are great. But I wish there was an option to change it to the original songs. This game is a very fun game. I seriously recommend it.

Posted by Dream Sansy 2017-02-20

Can you make male characters?If you can plz reply.

Posted by Ross Otero 2017-02-17

Make your own shape of the body

Posted by Kitana Manuelito 2017-02-17

Well, reason why I rated 4 stars is because the game is so laggy on my phone, and glitchy as well. Other than that, nice music, gameplay is cool, and I like the gem creator. I just wish we could have more weapon options.

Posted by Sarah Godwin 2017-02-15

Please help :( It opens on my iPod easily but is very slow and glitchy. And it doesn't open on my phone which is better by far than my iPod. I really want to play on a non-glitchy platform.

Posted by Brenna Pergram 2017-02-14


Posted by Joshua Verdejo 2017-02-14

Good game! Can't complain.

Posted by Ajadragon 23 2017-02-12

Shows to great to be beaten by a knok off

Posted by Ahmad Seiichi 2017-02-12

It's a great game, especially if you love the show like I am. Well, the game itself tend to have several bus and sometimes can be a little choppy during the gameplay, yet you will love the artwork and custom option. The only downer for me would the the limited characters and remixed soundtrack, could be much better.

Posted by Epic Astronaut 2017-02-11

I love it but they should ad more gem choices

Posted by chrissy tagliaferri 2017-02-09

Nice work

Posted by frozen lepered 2017-02-09

I like the cristel gems

Posted by Mayday Mae 2017-02-06


Posted by MrsG87 2017-02-05

It's a little laggy in some spots of play, but a pretty neat game. I thought it would be a side scroll kick the bad guys butt, it's still a good time killer though. Wish there was a separate area to just listen to the music!

Posted by DoITAll 1911 2017-02-04

Please add the music for the new Steven bombs! I need you too! What's the use of feeling is so catchy! Also, add better controls, but other than that, awesome game.

Posted by Zelouge - Minecraft 2017-02-04

Well it is very funny but I think that the game needs more hairstyls and ye

Posted by Smile Defix 2017-02-04

Make a wider variety of the whole game

Posted by 2017-02-03

I like it overall. It might be a little laggy, but I also might just not be very good haha. I like how the ads are optional, but I wish there were more customizable options for your character. As far as rhythm games go, it's not amazing, but it is free.

Posted by Yusmani Ricky 2017-02-02


Posted by The Savage Gamer 2017-02-02


:-)Posted by Erica Alvrodo 2017-02-01

Its a cool game u should try it

Posted by SHAD0WZ Gaming 2017-01-28

Good needs more gems maybe custom fusion for your custom gems like fusing weapons and stufff

Posted by heyits mae 2017-01-27

It's okay... But I wish you added more characters to the game!

Posted by stuff stuff 2017-01-26

It's really creative and fun. I think that the battles were really fun too.

Posted by Kathleen/Kath Animates 2017-01-26


Posted by Joseph Chakaramakkil 2017-01-19


Posted by Jenny Casanova 2017-01-18

Love it!!!

Epic!but....Posted by Stephanie Black 2017-01-15

I love the game! It's so fun!but the problem is,you need to add more gems!

A Dream Come True!Posted by Emman Baylon 2017-01-14

This game is amazing, I've always wanted to make my own gem and stuff, the only downside is that its laggy.

GreatPosted by Tayte law 2017-01-14

Great graphics good rythm i just love it

PLEASE FIX THE LAGPosted by Arielle Lois 2017-01-13

Great game but really laggy. Please fix it. I can't get 3 stars in some levels because of this.

tvPosted by seanrange Chua 2017-01-09


I liked it's nicePosted by Mariam Mohmed 2017-01-09

But it's very hard to be Installed

Posted by vincent manuel 2017-01-09

It great

Simply goodPosted by Matheus Campos 2017-01-09

C'mon, guys, it's a Steven Universe game based in musics. It's Sugar's Guitar Hero (or Project Diva) !

Good game butPosted by Triple shell2626 2017-01-08

Why does it keep exiting out on me.plz fix.I am a huge a fan.Also plz add more gems to the roster.

The songs and beatsPosted by Kevin Nunez 2017-01-08

The songs and beats are so cool and fascinating

Its good!!!Posted by Hayonce 2017-01-08

Update it with more songs???

Good gamePosted by Hooded Clasher 2017-01-08

But the game somehow freezes during loading at 50%

MusicPosted by Fluttershy's turtles515 2017-01-06

The only song I liked was a gaint women.

kinda hard but funPosted by Nattie Chattie 2017-01-06

I have it on my mom's ipad and I love it.

Great Game Posted by Dylan Aguilar 2017-01-04

Is a great game a love it but it has some lag on the loading screen and on the gameplay please fix it and can you turn the volume of the vocals up please thanks

Posted by Maj Tai 2017-01-04

I love it has good music. And this is like my favorite show.

Best gamePosted by 2017-01-04

If I was a gem, I would have died to meet Steven

Eve' played the game last year it's like it's the Beat is good nice not bad I have 3 people it nice goodPosted by 2017-01-03

But has a glitch

Cooooooooool gamePosted by Seth Goon 2017-01-03

I play this game every day

Posted by Homie Spy 2017-01-02

Best cartoon Network app 2nd the first place is majimoble anyway I like the graphics and music and gem customizer what a good app

So much laggggggggPosted by 8bit giur 2017-01-02

It lags so much

Cool gamePosted by Firework 21 2017-01-01

This is so awesome to play, the people who think it's boring u are wrong

NicePosted by Isabella Garcia 2016-12-30

I like the game but it was just a quarter of the game that was confusing

Great But Too Many StoragePosted by 2016-12-30

i liked it but it occupies too many storage and it took me so long to download this app but it has a unique features and i liked how it is...

Good butPosted by Julius Teo 2016-12-29

Instead of girls gem, why not add the boys

Posted by 2016-12-29

Add more gems

Its good but...Posted by yolanda Mendoza Mendoza 2016-12-28

Sometimes it glitches but it is still a good game

like it but...Posted by 2016-12-27

can you speed the downloading pls

Good but could've been betterPosted by Nick Williams 2016-12-27


It's good butPosted by Lizzy Pojisek 2016-12-27

I love how you can design your own gem but please make the music in this actually from Steven Universe.

Soundtrack attackPosted by 2016-12-25

Great game super fun

SplendedPosted by Donna Bryant 2016-12-25

This game is fun, challenging, and musical. The only thing that I would do is add more character options.

Choose your characterPosted by Ady Yovys 2016-12-24

It's cool because you can choose your character I always wanted to choose my character

Posted by Hoda Khairy 2016-12-24

لعبة. حلوه

It freeze some times but it's goodPosted by creepy part 2016-12-22

The only problem is that it freeze some times

Why?Posted by liza sialana 2016-12-21

Why is this game need WiFi? Plz make it to have no WiFi.

Amazing but.....Posted by Rose Crisostomo 2016-12-21

Pls make it faster because when i first downlaod it its kinda i waited for hours so pls make faster THANK U!

Love it ! (:Posted by Carmen Arguijo 2016-12-16

Love steven univers!!!!! (: (: (: (:

Posted by Mignon Damons 2016-12-16


Loved itPosted by Wai Ling 2016-12-15


Kick me out every time !!!Posted by Jerman Dog Gaming 2016-12-14

Hey there Cartoon Network you have some bugs whene i play steven universe soundtrack attack every minute it kicks me out every time every minute or maybe 2 minutes so i command you to fix this with an update...goodbye

For a game called "soundtrack attack" it's pretty damn hard to find the soundtrack...Posted by Daze 2016-12-10

There are some remixes of songs from the show which, don't get me wrong, are enjoyable to play to. However, there are also a bunch of other (seemingly) original songs that aren't from the show in between the canon remixes that I'd love to listen to without having to be focused so much on tapping to the beat. But, I just can't find them anywhere?? If you guys would release a complete official soundtrack of every in-game song, or a download link or file somewhere, I think a lot of people would be happy.

EpicPosted by Eduardo Salazar 2016-12-04

It's amazing but I want updates

Fun gamePosted by AJ Chavez 2016-12-03

Its a fun way to pass the time but not a perfect game

Ilike it butPosted by Frans Botha 2016-12-03

I hate internet and this gameis internet and why not some other gems and some more weapons

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Soundtrack Attack is a rhythm runner set to the music of Steven Universe!

Let’s do this! Tap, hold, and swipe along to the music to unleash awesome attacks and outrun the Homeworld gems in Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe.

Choose a Quartz, Ruby, or Pearl and make them your own. Customize your gem with hair, outfits, accessories, and weapons! Unlock even more options as you play.

Soundtrack Attack features the music from the Steven Universe soundtrack, including remixes of “We Are the Crystal Gems,” “Stronger Than You,” “Steven and the Stevens,” “Giant Woman,” and many more!

Believe in Steven with Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe!


This game is available in the following languages: English

If you're having any problems with this app, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Tell us about the issues you're running into as well as what device and OS version you're using.


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